The writing's on the wall... 2017

October 17th 2017:

Things I currently like:
Robert Plant's new 'Carry Fire' album.
Justin Currie on tour.
LIar on TV.
The NHS.
The idea that another new Cheap Trick album is out this month.
Hot chocolate.

Things I currently am not that keen on:
The Al Hira Banqueting Hall, Farnworth.
My nose and throat itching.
Cat scratches very near to my eye.

In memoriam:
Al Eccleston, drummer.
Alan Tunstall, guitarist.

October 9th 2017:
Wishing our drummer Graham all the very best for his surgery on the 12th of October.

Graham Fielden

September 29th 2017:
A very old song re-visited.

September 26th 2017:
If you're reading this, Donald Trump hasn't launched the first nukes yet.

Between Trump and the North Korean leader, you really do have to wonder:
A) which of them is the most dangerous?
B) which of them will crack and launch their missiles first
and of course,
C) which haircut is worst and did they have them for a bet?

More seriously, The THREE have selected two drummers to cover the vast majority of our remaining live dates for this year. We are looking forward to playing with them while our Graham recovers from his surgery, which takes place on October 12th.

Sparks - Hippopotamus (2017), Europeans - Vocabulary (1983)

Simon Reynolds - Shock and awe - Glam rock and its legacy.

Tin Star, Coronation Street, Liar.


Christina Hendricks,

Christina Hendricks

September 20th 2017:
Because life's too short...

Ian Edmundson

September 13th 2017:
Our excellent drummer, Graham is going to be out of action, band-wise, for a while, following an operation which he will have to have during October. We are casting the net for a stand-in drummer to play with us until Graham is ready to come back and play. Never EVER has a drummer's job ever been so safe.

August 30th 2017:
I was back gigging the weekend after my shoulder operation, armed with a set of painful exercises that I need to do three times a day in between, to stop my shoulder seizing up and making me need another operation.

The Kerbcrawlers reunion that I mentioned recently IS on, but it won't be until November 2018. One show has been booked in for November 10th and there is talk of another that same weekend - I booked the first one - the other guys can book another one on November 9th. Or not, as the case may be.

I've been asked a couple of times if we parted company on bad terms, back in 2010, as the split was very sudden. Actually we didn't fall out at all. It was all very amicable, though I must admit that at the point when I was told the band was folding, we had forty gigs in the diary for the next year and the day I spent having to contact each and every venue and cancel each and every show because the other two were suddenly packing it in was one of my worst days ever.

I have played with Steve at jam nights since then and sometimes also occasionally with Colin. The whole band has only got together just the once in the intervening years - for a mere three songs at a jam night - that took nearly seven years to happen, as our other original guitarist Ian lives in Spain, so the chance to do it really is a rare thing.

I wouldn't want to do a reunion of the old band as a trio, but that's only because The Three's diary is my first priority and Medusa's is obviously theirs. Also, capturing the real tightness and dynamics that we had back then, 7 years later as a trio, would be really hard work and probably need a lot more rehearsal than it is worth, but we all agreed to do it if all four original members were going to be there.

So after quite some haggling, here we are again. For a weekend.

The Kerbcrawlers 2018

August 14th 2017:
This is me, two days after my shoulder operation. The day after I had it done, my right arm was still totally numb and I couldn't even hold a pick properly and I had absolutely no strumming co-ordination at all. That was due to an injection in my neck that cut the need for me to have any morphine-based pain relief. As soon as my arm started working again, I started to exercise it a bit and got on with picking up a guitar.

Before anyone lectures me  (too late, they have already), my surgeon said I was to do whatever I can to use the arm, including playing guitars. If I don't, I will end up having another operation for a frozen shoulder. I have a physio appointment on Tuesday.

Ian Edmundson

Picture and Thunderbird bass courtesy of Andy Worthington.

August 8th 2017:
I attended my pre-op appointment this morning to make sure I am ready for surgery to improve things with my painful right shoulder. Dear God, am I ready? Let's get it done.

Oh, here's some jam night Tomfoolery.
Smoke on the water (Jam Night Tomfoolery version)

August 3rd 2017:
It looks like The Kerbcrawlers may possibly be doing a weekend of gigs next year. Three of us were in the same room the other night and I was asked if I fancied doing a one-off when Ian Hutchings is over from Spain at some point. It would make more sense to do two and it would have to be next year, as The Three are booked up this year. We are waiting for Ian in Spain to confirm any dates that he is available. November 2018 looks possible. We'll see.

The Kerbcrawlers

July 27th 2017:
Our dog Oscar came to us from Bianca Filip who tirelessly rescues stray dogs from the streets and forests and dogs from kill shelters in Romania. Please check out this book that will send a donation directly to support Bianca's efforts and also the web pages listed. Her main page is here.

To buy the book, just go to the book page, register with Blurb and select the version you want - there's a hardback or softback copy. Each book is only printed when you order it, it won't be in the shops. The books are sent by courier and have to be signed for on delivery. Blurb do all of the customer service work. Each book sends a donation to Bianca.

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