Ian Edmundson Inanities: 2018

January 4th 2018:
A happy new year to those (probably) very few people who bother to read any of my deranged mutterings.

Still alive?
Well done.

Midge ure signature guitar

Midge Ure photographed by Ian Edmundson

Yesterday I ventured up to the excellent Promenade Music store, way up North in Morecambe, to try and then buy this Vintage Midge Ure signature guitar.

I'd never visited the shop before. They have a huge and stunning stock of instruments of all types. I was quite amazed by the place. As for the MU, it's a Les Paul styled guitar, obviously. After a quick remedial setup in the shop, which worked a treat, I parted with my sheckels for this lovely instrument.

The story behind me going miles and miles for this particular guitar?

It's quite simple. I went to see Ultravox on their reunion tours in 2010 and 2012 and Midge Ure used two Vintage Les Paul type guitars on the latter tour. They sounded unbelievable.He is an absolutely impressive guitarist and as a result of the second show, I convinced myself I needed a Vintage Les Paul type guitar. The signature model wasn't available at that point.

Not too long after the gig, I went to Reidys in Blackburn and all of the Vintage brand guitars they had in stock were nearly unplayable. I was very nearly put off Vintage guitars - for life.

I then went all the way to PMT in Salford and spent comparatively silly money (about 4 times as much as the eventual cost of the Vintage signature model) on my genuine Gibson Les Paul Traditional guitar. It turned out to be a fantastic investment and it really made me take my guitar playing a lot more seriously.

More recently I bought a Radiotone LP goldtop replica guitar at a guitar show and I thought I was 'there' as far as Les Paul guitars went. Then, the inevitable happened... Ian - the guitarist in my band, The Three, turned up at a recent gig with a standard Vintage LP goldtop and handed it to me to try out. It felt great and I started to get the bee in my bonnet again.

This Vintage brand guitar plays wonderfully. The pickups sound great and once I have played it in a bit, I am quite sure that I will use it regularly. It is a convincingly weighty guitar, compared to the standard Vintage LP-type goldtop model, which I also tried at the store (and which Midge Ure also used on the tour). It is fitted with P90 pickups and a Vibrola arm.

It really looks The Business and has a great sound. I have told my long-suffering wife - many times - that each guitar I have gone out and bought was the last one, sometimes even believing it myself. Then the next thing has come along. This brings my guitar and bass total to 50 and I REALLY don't want any more. It's the end of a glorious and expensive era.

In other news: Today, I went for the second injection in my course of hormone treatment, which is aiming to help reduce and defeat my prostate cancer problem. The needle was bloody huge and I was not too brave about it. But it is done now. Back in three months (at the end of March) for another dose of the same.... I will probably be having radiotherapy to nuke the general area at the same time. I'm not happy about the expected side effects, but it's all better than 'the altenative' by a long way.

Also today, this video turned up from July 2014...

January 8th 2018:
The chest infection that was laying me low last month has just about gone. It has been a bit of a bugger and destroyed our Christmas and New Year, as my good lady also was down and deflated with it. Even now as I type, she is still coughing away.

January 10th 2018:
Ian and Graham appeared in a couple of scenes in episode 1 of ITV's GIRLFRIENDS at 9pm last Wednesday. It's on again this evening and I'm not sure of any of us are in this episode, but on the 17th, episode 3 is showing and The Three (supplemented for the occasion by cast member Gerard Fletcher) will be doing a song in the show. Watch it if you can. No doubt I will find a way to get some video onto our gorgeous website afterwards. The Production company chose the song from the very bottom of our set list.

January 17th 2018:
Donald Trump is upsetting various countries by insulting them and causing a world-wide mixture of horror and worry. I am not going to do the same, but there are some venues I have personally decided we will not be returning to this year, or in the future.

Their landlords are either insulting to the intelligence of the bands that play there, too ignorant to respond to messages, or confusing us with other bands when they do condescend to talk to us. They are not 'doing us a massive favour' by booking us. Some offer a fee that is below our minimum. Some are too cheap to even offer the band a drink after we have done two hours work for them and kept their punters in and made their profits go up.

One particular venue in Harwood discriminated against us recently by telling us that, because we were unable to play at their October charity event, (Graham had life-saving surgery two days before the event), we would not be able to play at their venue in 2018. We played their 2017 event - the cause that we supported at the event we played was Macmillan - and two of the band are currently affected by cancer.

However, other bands have contacted me stating they didn't play the charity event either and that they still have gigs there. One even offered to pull their gigs there in solidarity with us and in total disgust at the landlady's brazen cheek.I just don't have enough time left to deal with shits like that.

Our episode of GIRLFRIENDS aired tonight. We were not on screen for ages, as we awere not central to the plot, but we played our song well and it's one for the CV, as they say.

January 24th 2018:
A new recording of an old song - Things we said today - here.
Recorded to keep my hand in with the recording gear.

February 1st 2018:
I have just started selling some of my guitars. I don't really need the money, or even the extra space in my storage area, BUT.... I just started looking at some of my guitar cases, just wondering what was in them and then, on opening them up, I started to think that a guitar or three may be better employed by someone else who would enjoy it more than me.

I had reached 50 guitars and started to think that some of them wouldn't get played again and so what was the point of keeping them all?

Another new cover-version song -Ticket to ride - completed today - here.
Recorded to keep my hand in with the recording gear.

February 15th 2018:
I have got the dates and times for my radiotherapy treatment at the Christie in Salford, from March going into April. Not looking forward very much to the actual treatment, but I have no real choice. The hormone treatment is playing hell with my core temperature and I haven't had a good night's sleep for a while. Still..... I have it to do. No getting out of this.

I recently had this lovely Dean Stage Acoustic guitar fixed and made lovely to play with a really good set-up by Jack's Instrument Services in Manchester.

DEan Stage acoustic Ian Edmundson

Ian Edmundson

Facebook is full of keyboard warriors nuts who like to mouth off from the safety of behind their screen. I don't have time for fools. I'm going to be reducing my activity on there from the beginning of March, apart from doing absolutely necessary band stuff.

Also, on the prior subject of me parting with guitars, I bought this one the other day.
It seems to be a nice case of three steps forward, one step back...

Vintage Mick Abrahams SG

February 17th 2018:
Ebay has provided...
And now the fun starts....

Ian Edmundson

February 20th 2018:
I love my job....

March 6th 2018:
Being as lazy as I am, I haven't been keeping up with my blog here, anything like I should have recently. I will be writing something most days over the next month, as I go through my 20-day course of radiotherapy treatment. Keep your eyes peeled for several inanities.  

March 12th 2018 to April 25th 2018:
My daily radiotherapy blog, covering this period in excruciatingly boring detail, is here.

April 26th 2018:
I have ended up going back in and amending a bit of the last day of my Radiotherapy blog. I have tempered my comments about people's smoking habits. Cigarettes are not really very good for you. They are not health-improving. We all know that. I am scared of the things now, for myself, and also on behalf of other people because I care about them.

We all have a right to do whatever we want to do, though.
That includes smoking.
It also includes trying to look after others.
Or keeping my mouth shut and just letting them get on with it.

I am going to continue my blog back here now, though it will not be in the same irritating detail as it was on the other page. You'll have to guess what time I take my bath in future.

9th May 2018:

Something from the weekend....

19th May 2018:
Fame at last?

Fretwank magazine

24th May 2018:

The guitar in the photo below turned up a few days ago. It is a replica of Prince's purple Cloud guitar, as used on stage by the man himself. Mine is not one of the half dozen that Prince actually owned personally that keep coming up for auction and reaching stupendous prices. Nor is it one of the very small run of authorised Schecter replicas, also very rare.

I happened across an advert for these guitars online. It was relatively inexpensive, so I thought I would take a punt.

The guitar turned up a few weeks after being ordered from a company in the USA and was shipped to me quite quickly - from China - and straight out of the box, as you can see, it looks great. Very comvincing.

Cloud guitar by Sunfield

Looking great is good, but playing it straight out of the box proved just a little bit difficult. I carefully lowered the bridge to get the strings nearer to the pickups and neck and found that some notes choked if I bent the strings.

For that reason, the guitar has gone straight into the very capable hands of my good friends at Jack's Instrument Services in Manchester, where it caused much delight when they saw it.

It needs a fair amount of remedial work, (new bridge support posts and fret leveling) which was an extra expense that I hadn't banked on, BUT as the guitar wasn't that expensive to start with, I took that on the chin.

I ordered a case with it, which didn't arrive. That is now on its way. Their customer service by email is very attentive. I could have bought another case for it here, but it is an awkward size and shape and it doesn't like going in some standard cases.

I will report back when I get it back.
The future is Purple.

I went to see the superb Sparks in Leeds last night with my daughter Rachel and her bump. All fantastic.

June 1st 2018:

My cancer has been a total pain in the arse. Not enjoyable at all in any way. Unsurprisingly. It has left me feeling quite down about a number of things. Some of the people I have dealt with have been great and some others not so great.

I was operated on at The Christie in Manchester and following a few quarterly reviews, I decided to lighten their caseload a little by having my reviews at Royal Bolton Hospital, which is ten minutes walk from my house. This turned out to be a huge error.

I had two phone calls today, as I have requested to go back to the care of The Christie. After over an hour's discussion, I have opted to go under the care of a Urology nurse who has always impressed me, as she is one of the very few people who walks round the place with an air of authority and of knowing exactly what she is doing.

June 2nd 2018:
I love my job.


June 5th 2018:
The Cloud is back and it's great. Thanks to Jack's Instrument Services for working their magic on it.

Prince purple Cloud guitar

June 18th 2018:
A short while since I have blogged. Sorry. I am a bit lazy in that respect. The band have had a short time off while our guitarist Ian has been on holiday and we have just recommenced  gigging. I have had some awkward problems with reliability with some bass gear recently, which is mortifying  for me and which I am in the process of sorting out. I have not been recording, as I am waiting patiently for some inspiration to hit me. Plus, I have wanted to spend the time off away from my instruments, while I have a chance.

July 5th 2018:
I have been working on a version of the lovely BLACKBERRY WAY by The Move. I recorded two almost finished versions of it and scrapped them both, as the drums were too weak and so I decided that I wouldn't get a decent mix in the end. Here are a couple of photos from the recording of the rhythm guitar on the third version.

Ian Edmundson

Ian Edmundson

Ian Edmundson

Snippet from the dumped version. Apologies for video sound quality.

The hot weather and some very badly interrupted sleep patterns have currently stopped play on recording, as I have to conserve my limited energy and more to the point, my limited voice, for band work. I daren't do vocals onto disc if I am singing the same evening.

A couple of new songs coming up for the band, too. I am force feeding myself repeated plays of (I just) died in your arms tonight, by The Cutting Crew, a song which I used to play with Ian in Mother's Ruin, back in the 90's. I didn't sing it back then. I am listening to the track while singing and playing bass along with it, so I can get the words into my head.

I am pretty terrible at learning new words. We are also doing You give love a bad name by Bon Jovi. It's a great tune, but the words are a bit meh, so I have to use a cheat sheet onstage at present, until they sink in. I was like this with Highway to Hell by AC/DC for a long time, too.

Photo of stage setup last weekend:

Ian Edmundson


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