Ian Edmundson
Ian Edmundson
Ian Edmundson
Ian Edmundson, pictured in 2018

Birth name Ian Anthony Edmundson
Born 21st October Bolton, UK
Medium Musician. Author.

Voice, guitar, bass, keyboards,
12-string bass guitar
Years active 1976 to date

www.The3.co.uk www.slayed.co.uk

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Hi! I'm a 4, 5, 8 and 12-string bassist (and also a guitarist) from Bolton, Lancashire. My taste in music is melodic classic rock, glam rock, power-pop. I like to play the kind of stuff that people know. Good time music. While it is certainly true that, yes, I AM on a bit of a mission to civilise, I want to entertain people, not educate them.

I have been in a few great little rock bands that I have been quite proud of, and have played a couple of thousand shows with over the last 40 years, or so, including The Kerbcrawlers, Rising Force, Bad Habits, Stranded, The Roadrunners, Mother's Ruin, plus The Peppermint Dream. I happily sing and play bass with The THREE. I also served periods of time in a couple of other, lesser, bands that turned out to be quite dodgy, despite my best efforts to humanize and improve them musically, which I prefer to forget about, some of which were awfully bad mistakes that I should forever apologise for them. My friends will know which ones. I have really sinned badly in my time and I'm truly sorry.

See here for live videos, studio recordings. and a discography.
This site has photos of the gear that I have collected over the years.

Published books:
SLADE ON STAGE 1978 – 1979                                          (Blurb) 2016
SLADE ON STAGE 1979 – 1980                                          (Blurb) 2016
SLADE ON STAGE 1980                                                        (Blurb) 2016
SLADE ON STAGE 1981 – 1983                                          (Blurb) 2016
SLADE – SIX YEARS ON THE ROAD                                  (Blurb) 2016
CHEAP TRICK LIVE IN THE UK                                           (Blurb) 2016
THEY CALLED IT ROCK VOLUME ONE                             (Blurb) 2016
ROMANIAN RESCUE DOGS                                                 (Blurb) 2017
THE NOIZE – THE SLADE DISCOGRAPHY                       (With Chris Selby, Amazon) 2019
A GLITTERING CAREER IN MUSIC                                     (Amazon 2019)
You can say hello via Facebook or this page. On a serious note, I also have a page about prostate cancer here that may be helpful to guys who wish to have a quick read.

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