Beyond Belief : Extended Play (1985)
Ian Edmundson

This EP was the result of a weekend recording session at Pete Makin's excellent Soundlab Studio.

The band consisted of:
Ian Edmundson on bass and vocals, Rob Brown on guitars and vocals,
Rick Pullar on drums, Mike Coulson appears as Simon LeBon.

1    I got a right    (Ian Edmundson)

The opening song was one that I had written some time before and which I had recorded previously with Peter Makin at Soundlab, following a band project that we had worked on together. On the original version, Peter had displayed immense patience and generosity with me, played some guitars and did the answering vocal ("Go without me....") on one of the verses. He reprised that role here and did it excellently .

The good thing for me about this song was that it came together quickly, fully-formed (minor sevenths and all). The arrangement on it has never really changed, although Rob did his own tasteful thing with the solo.

2   Jane   (Ian Edmundson)

This song was hastily written in the gents toilets of a dismal Government office, somewhere in the North West of England in 1981 on a piece of shiny Izal Pine bog roll. I should have it framed. After witnessing the meltdown of one of the girls at work and asking the question, "What's the matter with Jane?", a little lightbulb went off in my head and I departed to come up with the lyrics to this fab little tune.

I also came up with a chord sequence which I wrote down, but upon getting home and commencing work on recording the song, the chords didn't make any sense, so I came up with a new tune and this was the result.

3   Loudest party in Hell   (Ian Edmundson)

My original demo of this (here) was totally bonkers featuring random guitars with effects everywhere and parts played without reference to anything but the drums and after I played it to Rob, he said we should record it as a band.

The version recorded by the band is much more restrained and arranged and (totally at Mike's insistence) had lyrics. I went and sat in Pete's garden outside the studio and cobbled together some '80's disco garbage' words that I thought Mike would refuse to sing, due to their obvious awfulness. However, Mike leapt on them, as he wanted to be Simon Le Bon more than anything else in the world. Rob does some excellent guitar work and Rick plays solid drums and did a vocal overdub on the word 'Hell' on the chorus that we faded off. Rick distuinguished himself by getting totally pissed during the sessions and being violently sick in the farm pond, getting the band a ban from the studio for all time. I used my old faithful Aria ZZB bass with a bit of fuzz added to beef it up.

4    Trouble    (Rob Brown)

A decent little rock song from Rob. It shows off his Mick Ronson - influenced guitar playing very well. The instrumental bridge was contributed to by myself, but the song is all Rob's work.

5    Hard Times    (Rob Brown)

Another fine tune written by Rob. He came along with a great demo for this. He was quite skilled at home recording and his home demos sounded like finished tracks - quite something to live up to. Rob went on to find fame and fortune with the Lost Boys, one of Bolton's finest bands.

A quite fantastic guitar solo from Rob. A bit of Run Runaway on bass at the end! That song inspired the beat, so some quite frantic drumming was required from Rick. Despite this being a butch rock song, the vocals sounds a bit fey and New Romantic, but we weighed in with decent backing vox to stop him turning it too camp!