Ian Edmundson

A collection of Music and Video
Released recordings
1981 The Peppermint Dream
1983 The Beatless 'Rotator'
1985 Beyond Belief EP
1991 - 2005 Go Crazy
1994 Bad Habits 'Battles'
2005 The Kerbcrawlers Album
2006 Music From The Dark Side
2008 Wish you were here
Selected discography
Studio work - demos and out-takes
Home studio recordings
The Live Videos
Video page A selection of live videos featuring the bands Ian's played with, going back many years.
Bad Habits | The Bay City Rollers | Flamin' Slade | Freeway | Go Crazy | The Kerbcrawlers | Life After Death |
Malpractice | Mother's Ruin | The Rhythm Jets | Rising Force | The Roadrunners | Wizdom
Live video featuring The Three can be found here
A selection of videos of other artists, filmed by Ian
Nifty camera work, featuring some fabulous bands.