Ian Edmundson

The Gallery (A collection of very disturbing showbiz images)

Many thanks to John, who has taken most of the show photos on this site from The Kerbcrawlers onwards.

Thanks also to Chris Mulvaney and Andy Worthington
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More recent photos

The Three, Ian Edmundson  Rickenbacker 4003W

The Three   Fender Stratocaster

Radiotone 335 guitar   The Three

The Three   Getting in touch with my feminine side.

Ian Edmundson   Jam Night

Rickenbastard   With the excellent Stu Fielden

Ian Edmundson  Ian Edmundson

Road Wizards MCC   Rickenbackers

King's Hall, Stoke On Trent

Ian Edmundson   Ian Edmundson

Ian Edmundson