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Oh, now we are getting into a bit of a mire... Here's my guitar effects board..

Ian Edmundson

It runs like this:

Roland GR55 guitar Synthesiser > Direct Synth Line Out > amplifer > Direct Guitar output Line Out > Pedal board.

Line In > Boss volume pedal (not currently on the board) > Cry Baby Wah > Pearl OC3 Octaver > Boss TU-2Tuner (also serves as mute)> Boss GE7 Equalizer > Boss DS1 Distortion > Boss SD1 Super Overdrive > Boss OD3 Overdrive > Marshall Drivemaster > Danelectro Hash Brown Flanger > Behringer Noise Reduction > Behringer UC200 Chorus> Marshall Reflector Reverb > Behringer DD600 digital delay > line out to amplifier.

Why four different overdrives? They all have different sounds, so I can go from gritty fuzz (a la the early 10cc guitar solos that sounded like a wasp in a jar) to a nice crunchy rhythm sound. I can also put my guitar synthesizer board in front of it, so a line out from that goes direct to the amplifier, the other to the pedals and either combine or opt for either sound.

Ian Edmundson

The GK3 guitar pickup is clipped on, not permanently attached to the guitar, nor built in.
The GK3B bass synth pickup looks identical, apart from a wider pickup piece and is similarly mounted.

Bass-wise, I have a Roland GK3B bass synth pickup which is sometimes mounted on my Westfield P-bass for home recording, but the only 'effects' box that I use onstage as far as bass goes are a flanger, volume boost pedal (in case of dire emergency) and a Behringer digital tuner (also serves as a very handy signal mute). Any other tone variation comes from my own rather angry and confused picking style and the tone settings on my amplifiers, as seen above.

I vary the basses that I take out by choosing to go either 'active' or 'passive' for the night and then select two or three to take out.

If any guitar or bass manufacturer would like to send me something good that I would like to use, I'd be quite pleased to say lovely things in exchange for a freebie.

Please note that I am not prepared to lie and say something is great if it clearly isn't.