Recording gear
Tascam 24-track recording console.

Tascam 24-track recording console..

I bought this unit shortly after a friend of mine showed me the identical machine that he had bought.

We worked our way through the quite baffling manual - little of it is seemingly written in English - even on the English pages. Once we had done what should have been a few simple operations on it that way, after hours of swearing and throwing things about, we decided the manual was making it far too much like hard work. Once you've learned how to set a track to record and to hit the GO button and then the stop button when you want to stop, that's all that you need to do. The songs are recorded onto SD cards like you'd find in a camera. The remote control for this unit is an absolute blessing.

I use a Sennheiser microphone, both on stage and in the studio. A Soundcraft 8 channel desk (located beneath the recorder in the video) for EQ-ing parts and adding effects before recording to the 24 track. Guitars are played through a Vox AC15 or Marshall MG15 amp. Bass guitar is put through a Zoom B2 Bass Pod, normally set to simulate the Hartke rig. Outboard effects: ART Proverb 200. Keyboard sounds are generated via a Roland D110 sound module. Any sequencing is processed via an Atari computer.

Recording the guitar solo for a song called 'Your attention'.

If any guitar or bass manufacturer would like to send me something good that I would like to use, I'd be quite pleased to say lovely things in exchange for a freebie.

Please note that I am not prepared to lie and say something is great if it clearly isn't.