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I do not officially endorse or recommend any particular commercially available guitar / bass / amplification products at the moment.
However... if any guitar or bass manufacturer would like to send me something that I would like to use, I'd be quite pleased to say lovely things in exchange for a freebie.










Chord acoustic guitar

This one was bought in late November 2012 from a guitar shop in Ripley, Surrey, not far from a certain Mr Clapton's house. I - honestly - only went in there for a nosey at where he would probably get some of his gear from and to buy some strings. But the action is perfect, so you can barre your chords all the way up the neck and the guitar just spoke to me... Records beautifully when mic'd up.

Ian Edmundson

Dean stage acoustic guitar 

The 'zingiest' recording sound imaginable, thanks to the piezo pickup. Quite a difficult model to find, too.


Epiphone Firebird guitar:

I went out looking for a Flying V and came across this. The action was a bit high when I got it, so I did a quick set-up at home and found the frets buzzed everywhere when the strings were set at a playable height. So... I marched back into the shop I bought it from and they said they'd get their luthier to go over it.

A week later, I got the call to come over and collect it. The luthier told me that he had "imposed his will on it" and that what was a piece of sh*t was now a totally excellent guitar. He said the shop that sold it to me as it was should be quite ashamed of themselves and handed me his bill for the work. I promptly handed it to the store manager who was just passing (as the guitar was brand new and obviously inside its warranty period) and waltzed off home delighted. The action is now to die for and it sounds superb.


2017 Fender HSS Stratocaster in Arctic White

Fender HSS Stratocaster

I bought the Fender today (9th Feb 2017). I have always wanted one, but - seeing as I am primarily a bassist - I have just never bought one. The nearest I ever got was the Tokai, which I got as a clever trade in the late 80's - which I assure you is CLOSE to the real thing.

When I first started off playing, my dream guitar was on display in my local guitar shop. A white Fender Strat with a maple neck and a trem arm. Each of those features, including the white colour, was a custom option at that point and was 10% extra above the usual cost of the guitar, pushing it up to an astronomical £424 in 1975. WAY beyond what I could afford, or deserved - according to the level of my ability at that point.

42 years later, I sprang for the HSS model with the Humbucker, which is ferocious. I tried it out in PMT in Manchester this morning and paid £536.00 for it, plus my customary checker strap. Did I need it? No. But I am at the point where I should really stop buying guitars now (48 altogether) and decided I deserved it.

Gibson SGII guitar (1972)
My first decent guitar, bought in 1975. It's just been refinished at Jack's Instrument Services, Manchester.
I couldn't be happier with how she has turned out.


As she was originally (except for replacement machine heads)

Ian Edmundson Gibson SGII refinished by Jack's Instrument Services, Manchester UK

And in 2016. All of the parts on the guitar have been kept as original, except new and improved
re-wiring of the electrics and also the new replacement brass nut that I specifically asked for.

Gibson Les Paul guitar.
New - made in 2012. A lovely worn brown mahogany finish. Very pleased with it. It has actually made me take my guitar playing a lot more seriously after all these years.

Ian Edmundson

Gibson SG Special

A good friend of mine offered me first refusal on this mint condition guitar and we struck up a nice deal.
A fatter neck than the Les Paul and my other SG. It took a bit of getting used to, but it has a great sound.

Ian Edmundson

Gretsch White Falcon guitar:

I decided at one point to round off my collection of 6 string guitars with the one I had always dreamed of - a single cutaway Gretsch White Falcon - so I did. This has only seen a stage on a few rare occasions, when I have cheerfully let Ian Hutchings and John Rushworth use it, but I do intend to take it out and use it more often. The Eastwood Classic 4 bass is styled after the White Falcon bass and is a lovely match to it. It is nice to see how the Gretsches have shot up in price since I bought one.

Ian Edmundson

Maddog Guitars double-bound sunburst Telecaster

A workhorse of a guitar. Used mainly for studio stuff. Very solid for rhythm guitar when using the bridge pickup. Almost sounds acoustic with the bridge pickup. Fitted with Wilkinson pickups.

Ian Edmundson

Maddog Guitars Koa top Telecaster with humbucker.
Brand new to me in August 2016. I got their very last one of these. Again, Wilkinson pickups.

Ian Edmundson

Mahalo Ukelele
A lovely present from my lovely daughter Rachel.


Radiotone 335 guitar

Radiotone 335 guitar

Rickenbacker 620 12-string guitar:
Jingle-jangle, Hard day's night , Mr Tambourine Man...The list goes on and on...
The guitar I bought after a previous 'last' one, a number of guitars ago.
Well.... I HAD to.

Rickenbacker 620/12 12 string guitar.

Tokai Breezy Sound guitar:

I don't really begin to consider swapping guitars now, but at one point, just once, I did - and this was what I got in exchange for a very early Squier Precision bass: One of the best 6 strings I've ever played. Used by Noddy Holder of Slade at Walsall in 1991 when SLADE played their impromptu last ever live UK stage appearance at a Fan Club function for their 25th anniversary in 1991. The group all offered to sign it afterwards, but it's a working guitar - not just something to hang on a wall, or keep in a frame all sad and unused, so I politely declined their very kind offer.

Ian Edmundson Ian Edmundson

I do not officially endorse or recommend any particular commercially available guitar / bass / amplification products at the moment. However... if any guitar or bass manufacturer would like to send me something that I would like to use, I'd be pleased to say lovely things for a freebie.