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They also served.... The guitars that got away.

Every now and then I have sometimes not 'bonded' with a guitar, or for whatever reason come to the startling realisation that a guitar or bass hasn't been out of its case for a long time and that maybe it would maybe be of more use to someone else, who would enjoy it more and play it.

Fender Squier sunburst Precision bass guitar.

I bought this very early Squier bass (one of the very first issued under the Squier brand name, so effectively it was later recognised as being a very decent quality crossover product from Fender) and I was very pleased indeed with it until I bought an active bass, at which point it became surplus to my requirements. Back then, I didn't really collect guitars.

I wasn't gigging regularly at the time and so I swapped it for a lovely Tokai lawsuit Strat replica, which I still have and use today. I did try to track the new owner down and ask to buy this one back, but when I finally found him, he had sold it on.

Fender Squier precision bass guitar

WAL Pro 1e bass guitar.

I had just bought the new Fender Precision Lyte bass (see below) and it sounded far more gutsy than this one did, so I let it go to a guy from Liverpool. It's now worth a hell of a lot more than the amount that I sold it for, but it wasn't really quite performing onstage as I wanted it to sound-wise, though it was a marvelous recording bass. The action was to die for and it's probably the most comfortable bass to play that I've ever owned.

It was used on the Go Crazy 'Coz I luv you' 45 and also as my main bass on all of The Peppermint Dream recordings

The volume knobs, quite amusingly, went up all of the way up to 11. I am sure there is a good, scientific reason for that, but even now, years later, I have no idea at all what it would be.

Wal Pro 1e bass guitar

Fender Precision Lyte bass guitar (Charcoalburst).

The very same bass that had deposed the Wal. I had found and bought a second one of these at a very decent price and the new one had the best sound of any bass that I had played up until that point and made this one sound comparatively mellow. As I got more basses, even this one sort of slipped down the ranks, so I let it go.

This bass was used exclusively during the recording of the Bad Habits 'Battles' album.

Fender Precision Lyte Charcoalburst

Fender HMT bass guitar

Another one that I had bought just because it looked and felt like a really cool man's bass, only to find that it sounded far better for studio recordings than it did in live use.

The Piezo pickup in the bridge gave it a great trebly sound, but onstage it was a bit of a nightmare. The hollow body made it quite prone to feedback, which made the Piezo pickup whistle, so the spilt P pickup was best used in live situations. When you have to isolate one pickup on a bass onstage, it's not much use.

Fender HMT Bass guitar

Squier Precision Bass guitar.

I bought this one as a backup for playing live when I was in Go Crazy. Like the sunburst one that I had previously parted with (above), it was a decent enough bass that, like a number of the others on this page, simply slipped down the ranks and out of use over the course of a few years.

Squier Precision bass guitar

BC Rich NJ series Mockingbird bass

New to me in April 2016. It was a wonderful bass to play and it sounded really nice through a desk onto tape, but I didn't really bond with it, due to favouring other basses for onstage use regularly and so I sold it in March 2017.

Ian Edmundson

I do not officially endorse or recommend any particular commercially available guitar / bass / amplification products at the moment. However... if any guitar or bass manufacturer would like to send me something that I would like to use, I'd be quite pleased to say lovely things in exchange for a freebie.