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They also served.... The guitars that got away.

Every now and then I have sometimes not 'bonded' with a guitar, or for whatever reason come to the startling realisation that a guitar or bass hasn't been out of its case for a long time and that maybe it would maybe be of more use to someone else, who would enjoy it more and play it and it could make room in The Vault for another one.

Fender Squier sunburst Precision bass guitar.

I bought this very early Squier bass (one of the very first issued under the Squier brand name, so effectively it was later recognised as being a very decent quality crossover product from Fender) and I was very pleased indeed with it until I bought an active bass, at which point it became surplus to my requirements. Back then, I didn't really collect guitars.

I wasn't gigging regularly at the time and so I swapped it for a lovely Tokai lawsuit Strat replica, which I still have and use today. I did try to track the new owner down and ask to buy this one back, but when I finally found him, he had sold it on.

Fender Squier precision bass guitar

Squier Precision Bass guitar.

I bought this one as a backup for playing live when I was in Go Crazy. Like the sunburst one that I had previously parted with (above), it was a decent enough bass that, like a number of the others on this page, simply slipped down the ranks and out of use over the course of a few years.

Squier Precision bass guitar

WAL Pro 1e bass guitar.

I bought this from A1 in Manchester and, on the way to my girlfirends house in Romiley, Cheshire, right after I had bought it, I was nearly mugged at Stockport station because some bloody scrote saw me with the rather expensive looking bass case. He decided he had seen me on TV and so I must have money and he wanted it. He had me at the edge of a steep drop on the station approach and threatened to push me over it, if I didn't give him money. This went on (with people walking past) for about 20 minutes or so until a police car came along and I shouted at the top of my lungs and the bastard ran off.

I was hoping he would try to take the incredibly heavy bass case, then I could catch him and hit him from behind as he limped off down the road with it, but he didn't. He probably noticed that I was straining to carry it.

I later bought the new Fender Precision Lyte bass (see below) and it sounded far more gutsy than this one did, so I let it go to a guy from Liverpool. It's now worth a hell of a lot more than the amount that I sold it for, but it sounded so clean that it was not great for stage use. It was, however, a really marvelous recording bass. The action was to die for and it's probably the most comfortable bass to play that I've ever owned.

It was used on the Go Crazy 'Coz I luv you' 45 and also as my main bass on all of The Peppermint Dream recordings.

The volume knobs, quite amusingly, went up all of the way up to 11.
I am sure there is a good, scientific reason for that, but even now, years later, I have no idea at all what it would be.

Wal Pro 1e bass guitar

Fender Precision Lyte bass guitar (Charcoalburst).

The very same bass that had deposed the Wal. I had found and bought a second one of these at a very decent price and the new one had the best sound of any bass that I had played up until that point and made this one sound comparatively mellow. As I got more basses, even this one sort of slipped down the ranks, so I let it go.

This bass was used exclusively during the recording of the Bad Habits 'Battles' album.

Fender Precision Lyte Charcoalburst

Fender HMT bass guitar

Another one that I had bought just because it looked and felt like a really cool man's bass, only to find that it sounded far better for studio recordings than it did in live use.

The Piezo pickup in the bridge gave it a great trebly sound, but onstage it was a bit of a nightmare. The hollow body made it quite prone to feedback, which made the Piezo pickup whistle, so the spilt P pickup was best used in live situations. When you have to isolate one pickup on a bass onstage, it's not much use.

Fender HMT Bass guitar

BC Rich NJ series Mockingbird bass

New to me in April 2016. It was a wonderful bass to play and it sounded really nice through a desk onto tape, but I didn't really bond with it, due to favouring other basses for onstage use regularly and so I sold it in March 2017.

Ian Edmundson

I do not officially endorse or recommend any particular commercially available guitar / bass / amplification products at the moment. However... if any guitar or bass manufacturer would like to send me something that I would like to use, I'd be quite pleased to say lovely things in exchange for a freebie.