Ian Edmundson
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Hi there!
I'm a 4, 5, 8 and 12-string bassist (and guitarist) from Bolton, Lancashire.

My taste in music is melodic classic rock, glam rock, power-pop. I like to play the kind of stuff that people know. Good time music. While it is certainly true that, yes, I AM on a bit of a mission to civilise, I want to entertain people, not educate them.

I have been in a few great little rock bands that I have been quite proud of, over the last 30 years including The Kerbcrawlers, Rising Force, Bad Habits, Stranded, Mother's Ruin and The Peppermint Dream and now The THREE.

On the other hand, I also served periods of time in the supposedly 'entertaining to watch, but really-grim-to-be-in' band Wizdom, also there was a 60's cabaret band that I prefer to forget about and then there was the utterly appalling Night Train, for which crime I should forever apologise. I have really sinned badly in my time and I am sorry.

See here for live videos and studio recordings.

Like a lot of other people, I'm a big fan of guitars and basses!
This site has photos of the gear that I have collected over the years.

I do not officially endorse or recommend any particular commercially available guitar / bass / amplification products at the moment.
However... if any guitar or bass manufacturer would like to send me something, I'd be pleased to say lovely things for a freebie.

I am the curator of www.slayed.co.uk.
You can say hello via Facebook or this page.

Thanks very much for visiting,