The Kerbcrawlers / Music From The Dark Side

The Second Kerbcrawlers album. As remembered by Ian....

"I always did the covers for the albums, as I was the one who had Photoshop and the time to mess about and come up with some ideas. There were never any particular issues in the band about what I did. This one went through a couple of phases, based on Dark Side Of The Moon (seeing as there's a version of Money on here), until I found the picture of the girl bassist. That replaced the idea of the rainbow just hitting the shiny snare drum. A risky strategy, as she was a far better looking bassist then me!! The second album was again recorded with Mark at Frog Studios, as we trusted him to get a good result for us. We usually did two weekends a few months apart - one day was spent putting 6 backing tracks down and the next mixing them. The second time, the second session produced 7 tracks - the extra track being a version of 'Merry Christmas Everybody' which we put out on a limited edition EP with two previously released tracks."

Ian Edmundson

Are you ready?
"A good opening song for both the CD and either half of our live show. We loved Thin Lizzy and this gave the guys a solo each. Nice and fast, just the way I liked it. Song suggested by Ian H and Steve. I ended up singing this one and the backing track is really VERY fast. Trying to get the guys to do backing vocals on one of my songs was always a right ball-ache, so I did all of the backing vocals on this in the studio in about five minutes."

Race with The Devil.

"Ian H was quite fond of this song and it really grew on me when we started to play it live. It's got a lot of guts and really motors along.
You don't ever hear any other bands doing it, which is always a good thing, though Quo have nicked the main riff for one of their songs.. Ian H also sings it and it suits his voice very well."

Walkin' by myself
"A sizzling Steve Mulvaney feature spot. His guitar on this is immaculate and he just about always did it flawlessly onstage too. Nice vocal. Not much to say about this - the music does all the talking here."

Still in love with you
"One of the things that is most difficult when recording in a studio is keeping the songs at the right pace. This version of the Thin Lizzy classic is utterly gorgeous, but we always played it more slowly on stage, in order to give the song a lot of space and feel.
Immaculate guitars from Steve and Ian H. Lovely vocal from Ian H too."

Always with me, always with you
"A Joe Satriani instrumental tune that Steve chose for us to do. He's a big Satriani fan and (TRIVIA) his red Ibanez is signed by Joe Satriani on the rear of the headstock. The backing guitar on this is an utter nightmare, but the part is played beautifully. I used my 12-string bass on this for extra depth and a bit of clang when required. It does sound a little more subtle than I expected. Wonderfully complicated to play. This one went down very well live with 'those in the know', but it was perhaps a bit too obscure for the general audience."

Sultans of swing
"Hutch plays Knopfler and does it really excellently. I've heard lots of bands do this and make a bit of a balls of it, but our version was always good when we played in the clubs. Colin sings it, as he could remember all those words."

"Whoahhhhh - slow down! Again, we got the bit between our teeth with the backing track speed, but it turned out ok. I changed the words to go on about Rosalie looking good in rubber and being everyone's favourite little fetish girl and no-one ever spotted I'd done it."

The last time
"Ian H sings this one. We used to do it striaght, at a normal tempo, just like the Stones and we were getting bored with it and it was falling out of the set, but at a show once, we were mucking about with the song at the soundcheck and went into a reprise at nearly double speed and thought it was quite good. We never played it at the normal speed ever again after that."

Need your love so bad.
"The old Fleetwood Mac tune. We used to ask people who did it before they did on stage and it was very rare that anyone got it. At one venue, we offered the first person to get it a drink, so the landlord went upstairs to look it up on the net. Thank you. Lovely guitar solos and a fretless bass on this one. Colin sings."

Alright now
"We must have played this song 500 times. It always went down very well - you know, girls dancing round their handbags in clubs and even at rock gigs. Don't knock it if it works. Solo by Steve and so it's dead accurate! Colin used to get the reddest face in the world when he sang this one, as he really powered the vocal out (and was generally looking for his cowbell at the same time!)"

I predict a riot.
"Steve sings this one. I changed the lyric onstage one night in Wigan ("Borrow a pound for a MEAT PIE") to make a Wigan joke and we kept that joke in when we recorded it. It's a good, solid and very faithful version and we always enjoyed playing it live, though we played it more sparingly towards the end of the band."

"This came together quickly in rehearsals and we were always very good at learning songs at this point, with the original four of us. Later on, learning new songs could be a pain in the arse. At this point, we went away and did our homework. Steve was very much in charge of the arrangement, which bolted two different Pink Floyd live versions together.

I asked Steve to leave out Guy Pratt's bass solo, as I would rather stick pins in my eyes than play a bass solo. It's not that I can't do it, but unless you are Jim Lea or John Entwistle, bass solos are an error of judgement, second only to drum solos. If you do either of those for longer than 10 seconds in a pub band, you really DO deserve public castration. Guitar solos are, however, perfectly permissible and Hutch does the first and Steve the second solo. The main vocal is by Steve."

Merry Xmas Everybody
"The Kerbcrawlers recorded this at the end of sessions for their second album 'Music From The Dark Side'. It was released as a very limited edition EP in 2007 on their own label. Lead vocal and a lot of the backing vocals by Ian Edmundson. Always great fun to play. A great song from a great band - Slade. Steve did the "IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!" at the end."