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January 2021.

I'm not going to make this into a tortuous route march for myself, like I did last year, by posting an entry every day. I'm going to dip in and add to each month's entry when I feel like it. January 2021 starts with me thinking I should be tired from last night's gig, instead of just being tired. Oh well. No point in being miserable about it. Onward and upward. I'll just have to wait the bloody virus out and then carry on with whatever is happening. We start the year with the North West mainly in Tier 4 restrictions and a full lockdown hanging over us, as infection rates are climbing seriously and it's scary. It's also scary how many people just think this is inconvenient. People are dying. That knocks your 'inconvenient' into a cocked hat, doesn't it???
Some people need to get a grip.

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Current watching: The Sopranos season 3.

Well we had the interesting scenes in the Senate in Washington and they just show the type of moral disintegration that occurs when you get a media personality squeezed into a top political job. It's utterly shameful. A number of my friends in the USA are muttering darkly about Amendment 25 which allows an incapable President to be removed from office, but apparently, the voting wouldn't work out because of the weighting of Trump yes men and dogsbodies in the Senate. I fear for what the President will try to do in his remaining time in office.

I found out the other day that someone I that am quite close to has been in hospital with covid and was (much to my immense relief) released yesterday evening. I think we are now paying for the Christmas get togethers that so many had longed for, for so long. I know why people cracked and did it and to be honest, I don't totally blame them. The problem is that everyone thinks that if they mix with other people that everyone else is taking the same care as they may be taking. That's not always the case. I am so relieved that my friend is out of hospital. He said that he felt really terrible while he was in there. Bless our NHS staff who are dealing with all this, putting themselves at risk every day.












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