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Ian Edmundson

January 1st 2019:
Glad to see you here. Congratulations on making it through 2018.
Let's hope we all say this again at the same time next year.

I have made a few new year's resolutions, which are mainly all about self-improvement and therefore private, but one of them is to work on playing my 5-string bass more and then getting used to my fretless bass again.

Ian Edmundson

January 9th 2019:
I have broken down already this year and have just bought a new bass guitar - an Ibanez Sound Gear SR1305 5-string bass. I was tipped off about it and it is mint and it was also going ridiculously cheap. Pics when I have collected it (hopefully that will happen on Friday).

I have done a couple of very long writing sessions on the Slade book and am happy that it is picking up again. I have lots of scrapbooks here for quotes, etc.

Slade book in progress...

14th January 2019:
I didn't get as much done on the book as I wanted to last week. A few things got in the way, but I am still quite determined to get some decent writing sessions in.

I did buy the 5-string bass and I collected it on Friday and used it Saturday and Sunday. I'm quite pleased with it and I am finding my way around it quite well. I am going to persevere with it this time.

Ibanez 5 string bass

Nice eh?

January 17th 2019:

Julie Edmundson

It's my late first wife Julie's 57th bithday today. She never got to be old. She passed away, far too young, in 1986. Even though my life has moved on since then and I married again and had two wonderful children, I still miss her so much. She really didn't deserve the heart problems that she had.

It is so sad. She turned me from a screw-up into a (slightly) responsible adult and I think that if we were still together now, my life would obviously be different. You can't regret things, because that doesn't change anything, but she should still be here.

I really hate it that she's gone. For a long time, I wished that it had been me, or that she had justleft me and was still alive, which would have been better. If I could change one thing, she'd still be here. There is nothing romantic about dying young. Nothing. It is just heartbreaking.

My wife Lynda is having a procedure today to try to resolve her own heart problems. I will fret until she is back home.

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