The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth 2020
Part Two

In which I try to write something new every day for a change.... 

Saturday 20th June 2020:
I was up at 7.15 am, bleary eyed, unshaven, bed-hair and clad in a bathrobe (therefore looking pretty ravaged after last night's generous nightcap measures of toffee vodka and Budweiser beer), as a new oven was being delivered. The delivery men couldn't get me on the phone. That was because I have a do not disturb set on it - except for certain numbers - until 9am. I'm retired. That's my one perk.

Lynda fancied a new oven, so off to she went. And why not? I struggled with the bulky parcel a little and got it into the hall and then went back to bed. Until 10.30am-ish. I didn't get much shut-eye, as I was in pain. Unlike House, I don't have truck-loads of Vicodin tablets stashed around the house. I do have a supply of Zapains, but I try not to take any, unless I am struggling to sleep. They are opiates and I don't want to become dependant on anything. It's brilliant that they work really well on migraines, when I get them and they are cheaper than Migraleves. I gobbled a couple down before lunch to try to get rid of my neck ache. A cloudy and not too attractive day, which will involve some dog walking in the afternoon.

After I typed that out, I got a migraine and retreated to bed. Just goes to show, eh? The day brightened up a bit. Warm and sunny, but I daren't go out and set my head off again. I got rid of the migraine, came down and wired in the new cooker. Lynda had a bit of fun using it, as it has an extra control on it, which probably renders me incapable of using it.

The Government seem to be trying to get us back to normal in July, with places opening up again, even though the death rates are still far too high. I understand the pressure on the economy and paying people not to work, etc, but this is far too soon.

Bed very late. I did some work on another general rock concert photo book that I might put out. I haven't started registering it on Amazon yet, though, in case I don't bother with it.

Ian Edmundson
A photo I took today. I think what's on someone's bookshelf says a lot about them.
(Click to view full sized)

Sunday June 21st 2020:
Up at about 11am. Neck ache. Walked the dogs, watched an amount of House MD, had a nice chat with Paul - We will be seeing him next weekend. Rachel called around with April. An evening of TV. I think Lynda gave up and went to bed.

Monday June 22nd 2020:
Up at 10am. The Government are busy removing all of the sensible COVID lockdown restrictions as fast as they can, including putting an end to shielding. Yet there is a steady, but not as high, death rate. It is still a lot higher than it should be, but Boris wants the country back at work and earning as soon as possible, if not before. Lynda is seriously worried about all of this. She's not eating, not talking and she goes to bed. Earlier on, she went out on our street and had a scream at a guy sat on the park wall across the road. He spat on the pavement and seemed to be waiting for a man in a car to come 'with a delivery'. Lynda shouted at him to go away and do his drug deals somewhere else. He quickly buzzed off. When Lynda came in, I told her this was a risky strategy and that it draws unwelcome attention to us, but she was on top note. Lynda cooked my evening meal for 6pm and then went to bed. I finished House MD Box 3 and started on The Newsroom Season 1 for a break. I am sick of sitting watching TV. Even quality TV. I want to go out to places and to do things. I want to see my family and I want the band to be able to play. It isn't safe to do all these things yet, though. Bed 11.30pm.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020:
Awake before my alarm, but Lynda came back to bed, so I switched it off and ended uo getting up after 11am. On the TV, Boris Johnson is over-ruling the scientists, who still believe it isn't safe to do so yet and is opening all sorts of things back up. Lynda went back to bed. This is all going to put me in an awkward position. My bandmates are going to want to play and earn again if pubs are actually in a position to put us on and I am going to have to want to hold out for longer for Lynda's sake. Stress.

Another cause of stress is watching the whole Black Lives Matter controversy. I have to admit that I am totally confused by the whole Black Lives Matter movement controversy of why the statements White Lives Matter and All Lives Matter are preceived to be racist. I have no problem at all with saying that Black Lives Matter. I recognise the struggle of black people for equality over the last couple of hundred years. They matter exactly as much as any other colour. No more, no less. Equally. We are all just people. That is surely what it is all about. But it is now apparently racist to say that all lives matter, because that doesn't match their message. Three white men in Reading are stabbed by a Syrian asylum seeker with mental issues, who was on the suspect terrorist list recently and there is no explosion of white lives matter. It is one man killing three men. Probably randomly and not because of race. The whole world is going mad and a policeman in America has set the world off being more divided again than you would ever believe to be possible.

The very presence of slavery in history is abhorrent, though removing all mention of it doesn't right any of the wrongs, it does effectively take the slavers out of sight. Taking people from their own lands was absolutely wrong and while it can be argued that once abroad many of them became staff, rather than slaves and some 'owners' loved their staff / slaves and even married them and have them arguably better lives, etc, the removal of those people's free will was definitely criminal. I think we should get the statues of slavers moved into museums and have informative plaques on the statues, explaning what these people did, to show that they were morally wrong. The statues would not be on display to glorify them, but to show that we have learned from their mis-deeds.

I had a walk out this afternoon to pick up a magazine and went into Asda for the first time since mid-March, with some trepidation. And then into two paper shops. No joy.Finally I trekked to Tesco in Farnworth and picked it up. Another first visit since March. It was a little bit emotional to do something normal, even if I was wearing latex gloves to do it.

Looking into a very limited record release project for later in the year. Not my music.

We watched some Coronation St and Lynda went to bed partway through. That was it until morning. Two venues had confirmed cancelations with us - there is still a ban on live performances, so we obviously expect everything remains totally off until the ban is lifted.

I got to bed just after 2am, as I was doing a series of updates to a book and got really into the work. I will get an earlier night tomorrow.

Wednesday 24th June 2020:
Up at 10am. Lynda looking decidedly wobbly, as she's been stung by a bee again. She won't go to hospital, or even let me ring the NHS number and she went to bed to see what she was like in an hour. After lunch, I nipped to my mate Dave's and then round to Rachel's. Today was scorchio. the hottest day of the year. Lynda was better, but still not great when I got back.

A bit of TV after the evening meal. When Lynda went to bed, I decided to change the font throughout the project I am currently working on. Saving it to pdf, it lost all of the bold text on over 200 pages. I've never had that happen before. Hours wasted. Bed at 2am, depressed. The earlier night didn't come off, did it?

Thursday 25th June 2020:
I treated myself to a lie in, as it was so hot and I kept waking up during the night. 11.50am. Went for a walk to get some special t-shirts done and I had to go home and email the images to them as they didn't want the white logo on a transparent background. They wanted it black on white. So I walked back home and waited for the PC to be available then emailed the 3 images. I'll go back tomorrow.

The Prince Sign O The Times superdeluxe 8CD plus DVD set has been annopunced. Want. Scorchio again. Did Cntrl + A on the text in the book and set it back to Arial. Now all I have to do is check the layout on over 200 pages. TV in the evening and then bed late. I didn't get any sleep until 7am.

Friday 26th June 2020:
I woke up almost at noon. Shattered. I went out for a walk early afternoon, scorchio again. I went to Rachel's and played at a distance with April. Picked up the t-shirst that I had done. Later on, one of our cats destroyed my Ian Hunter tour tee from 2015. I was very upset. Ordered the Prince 8CD+DVD set from Townsend Music, as it's gone up by a whole £50 on Amazon UK, so they can get stuffed. I splurged before the price went up even more.

Saturday 27th June 2020:
Up at a more sensible time. Quite tired. Paul called round and stood in with us, which was really nice. Kay also came over for something to eat. Really good to have some company here again. We kept a safe distance, though. Ordered a new laptop. A breakthrough with the vinyl pressing thing. I found a place that would press up 50 copies. TV, including Jodie Comer's excellent spot on Alan Bennet's Talking Heads. Bed late. Didn't get to sleep until 5am

Sunday 28th June 2020:
Up about 10.30am Shattered. Walked the dogs to wake myself up. A fairly miserable day, weather-wise.

In the evening, I did the latest interview with Chris and Don Powell. It went quite well and we got to the end of 1970.

While I was doing that, I could hear raised voices. Next door have got what looks like all of their relatives round. Lynda counted 30 of them. Their front garden was full of them. Lynda hasn't seen our grandchildren in the flesh since March and is really quite depressed about that and everything else that is prolonging our isolation from our family, so she pointed out that they shouldn't really be doing this. They were verbally threatening and abusive, accused Lynda of filming them, because she had her phone in her hand (she didn't tell them that she doesn't even know how to video with a mobile phone, especially one with a dead battery) said they haven't got the f***ing virus and if we tell the Police, they will kill our cats. The man next door (apparently) helpfully added that he hates us, because we are white. Lynda is absolutely broken by this. She doesn't want me to go round to speak to him. I feel quite sick. Lynda doesn't know why she is even carrying on living. That's not how we should be feeling.

I almost forgot to mention that the people next door are Asian, but I will now. I have no problem with Asians. I don't think about people's race or colour, just what sort of people they are. Asians seem to being doing the worst at surviving the corona virus, so 30 of them congregating in a small semi-detached house seemed just a little bit insane to me. But, it's a free country, of course, and they quite specifically threatened to start killing our cats, so they can do whatever they like about congregating and infecting each other. I won't stand in their way. If one of them had it and now all of them have it and are passing it on to all of their pals, we are still isolating and so we are unlikely to get it. That's freedom for you.

Bed late.

Monday 29th June 2020:
I woke with my alarm at 9.30am. Lynda stayed in bed 'til approaching 10.30, so I stayed put.

Yesterday has really taken the steam out of her sails and she has spent quite a lot of the day in bed. I am still blazing about it. Apart from therapeutically venting, here on my blog, that practically nobody ever reads, I have gone quiet on the subject. I feel like I am being blackmailed. They definitely broke the law by having such a massive gathering in their house. They broke the law by racially insulting my wife and I. They broke the law by threatening to kill our cats. If we do anything about it, they won't be moved - they own their house too. They will at the most get a finger wagged at them. It will just set them and their mates off, working on making our lives miserable. We are powerless to do anything but let the situation simmer down and go away. Better than it escalating to a dangerous point. Which it could easily do.

I spent most of the morning and afternoon stewing about this really irritating problem to no great purpose, while watching a lot of season 4 of House MD. I still feel sick. I don't feel like doing anything at the moment. I have a record to get pressed up, a video interview to edit, a number of things to do... and I feel like just lying down.

Bed 1.30am.

Tuesday 30th June 2020:
Up before 9am, to accept a delivery of a new washing machine, as our other one died a few days ago. We'd had it some years so it didn't owe us anything. Lynda cleaned up the space where it was going to go, once I had pulled the old one out, so I could plumb the new one in. I'm trying to work out how to get it into the car to take it to the tip. It weighs more than the car.

I sat down and mutely watched the final episode of House MD season 4 where Amber gets killed in a bus crash. I cried. And cried some more. I think I am so emotionally worn out at the moment that I was just susceptible to every tear-jerk on TV, and this was one of the worst. One of the best characters in the show got killed off in an utterly horrendous way. When she realises that she is going to die, it's just horrible. Read about it here.

House and Amber

Anne Dudek

Late in the morning, I got a phone call saying the new fence was coming in 20 minutes. The old fence didn't take that much effort when dismantling, as the guy over the back bought cheap and then put screen fencing on his side of it, so he didn't have to watch it rot. One set of panels remained to be put in place when I stopped for the day. Putting those panels in may involve going in next door's rear junkyard, so I am really not looking forward to that conversation.

The new laptop turned up, so I set that up at various points during the day. A good day's work getting things done. The new Sparks album in limited book format with a signed photo turned up too. Started on House MD season 5.

TV in the evening. Dogs out. Lynda went to bed early.

Wednesday 1st July 2020:
I switched my alarm off at some point the other morning, so I woke up around 10.30am and got up and lurched around in a comical fashion, with my eyes half-closed for a while. I had a couple of things to do today. I went to Dave's for just over an hour, called at Rachel's on the way back and then drove to the recycling centre and got stuck in a long queue and gave up. Watched some House. Had our evening meal and caught up a little TV. Everyone's life seems to be a cycle of The Same Old Shit at the moment. Lynda went to bed.

An attempt to get some singles pressed up for a project failed as their website disagreed with me about numbers. They have a deal on there and the website doesn't let you get it. I emailed them in a polite huff an then I dicked around on a card game and listened to some Nick Lowe for a while before hitting the hay.

Thursday 2nd July 2020:
Up reasonably early. Crap weather. Stayed in most of the day. Read some of If It Bleeds by Stephen King. Set about finishing off my end of a project that I have been working on that involves getting some records pressed up. At the end of the day, my payment wouldn't go through. Check again tomorrow.

Friday 3rd July 2020:
Up at 10.30ish. Tired out, though I got my head down early yesterday. Set about getting stuff done. Went to the bank and put enough money in to pay for the records to be pressed, taken from my guitar stash. When will I ever need to buy another guitar?? Approved the label art. Completed the payment to the pressing plant. I edited the third Don Powell interview, to remove a bit of unnecessary chat and and hide a couple of internet hang glitches. A productive day. Must do some recording tomorrow. TV and stuff. Bed before 12.

Saturday 4th July 2020:
Up late morning. I pulled myself together and set about getting a few things done. Recorded some new guitar parts and three vocal parts for the new song There's a hole in my soul. I might get it pressed as a vinyl single if I can get it finished sounding good enough. It need a decent guitar solo and some e-bow guitar parts re-recording. That remains to be seen. We did a Zoom chat with Lynda's daughter Susan, partner Andrew and grandson Jamie.

Ian Edmundson

TV in the evening and to bed late, after watching Scarface until 1am with Llynda.

Sunday 5th July 2020:
Woke up at 8am. too early to get up. My alarm got switched off, instead of snoozed, at 10am, as I was dog-tired. I finally got up very late. Nearly noon. I woke up aching from head to foot. Put some extra bolts on our garden gate to stop it warping. Rachel and April popped round, which was lovely. Lynda hasn't seen April for a while and she's been really unhappy about the necessary loss of contact due to the virus.

Ian Edmundson

Rachel and April with Tom

I caught a couple of episodes of House while Lynda had a rest and in the evening we watched a couple of episodes of Little Fires Everywhere, which turned out to be a surprisingly good watch.

Before I went to bed, I read on the internet that the Government is preparing to bail out venues, as it is unlikely they will be able to open until next summer. Where does this leave musicians? My head is going with this. I am losing money hand over fist - about £200 a week. I was thinking of doing a special series of 7" vinyl singles with one of my tracks on the A-side and a well-known song on the b-side. But the above news has knocked the wind out of me. Safety first, but I'm coming up to the end of my music career and I would prefer not to fade out and be forced out. It's just heartbreaking.

Monday 6th July 2020:

Ian Edmundson

Today would have been my 35th wedding anniversary with my first wife, Julie. She passed away before our second wedding anniversary. I still feel robbed if I think of her. I do think of her sometimes, but like all things that give me pain, I forget any dates that are bad dates and don't look at calendars unless I have to. I'd like to say she was still alive within me, but I don't make my life painful if I can help it.

I would start thinking that she should have been my children's mother and then mentally slap myself for in some way depriving them of their actual mother, who I never think about at all these days, as the very thought of her and the way she treated me makes me angry. I don't forgive and I don't forget.

I did some shopping at Tesco - got a new blue shirt and some wine and some odd bits. Then I made a trip to our local recycling place and called in at Carrs Pasties on the way home. I have used about a quarter tank of petrol since March. I've hardly been anywhere at all in the car.

Lynda 'abandoned ship' in the evening and went to sleep on the sofa. I left her asleep downstairs and went to bed at 11.30pm.

Tuesday 7th July 2020:
Up about 10am. Lynda still not looking like she felt up to much today. She said the pubs are locking down again, as the misbehaviour is just causing problems and will lead to another spike in the virus. I looked at BBC news and 3 pubs have shut back down. Lynda thinks we are all going to die and it is slowly killing her. She's just totally depressed and angry about everything. Our neighbours drive her mad. It's her deceased best friend Marg's birthday tomorrow (Lynda doesn't ignore bad dates and birthdays, she dreads them all year and spends the days in pain), the world is coming to an end, she worries constantly about every animal in hardship and she's basically not fit enough to cope with all of this stress. I said the wrong thing - she looked like she was falling asleep while eating. She back went to bed angry, after spending a lot of the day in bed. I ended up watched a bunch of episodes of House again.

12.30am. Trying not to go to bed.

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