The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth 2020
Part Two

In which I try to write something new every day for a change.... 

Wednesday 1st July 2020:
I switched my alarm off at some point the other morning, so I woke up around 10.30am and got up and lurched around in a comical fashion, with my eyes half-closed for a while. I had a couple of things to do today. I went to Dave's for just over an hour, called at Rachel's on the way back and then drove to the recycling centre and got stuck in a long queue and gave up. Watched some House. Had our evening meal and caught up a little TV. Everyone's life seems to be a cycle of The Same Old Shit at the moment. Lynda went to bed.

An attempt to get some singles pressed up for a project failed as their website disagreed with me about numbers. They have a deal on there and the website doesn't let you get it. I emailed them in a polite huff an then I dicked around on a card game and listened to some Nick Lowe for a while before hitting the hay.

Thursday 2nd July 2020:
Up reasonably early. Crap weather. Stayed in most of the day. Read some of If It Bleeds by Stephen King. Set about finishing off my end of a project that I have been working on that involves getting some records pressed up. At the end of the day, my payment wouldn't go through. Check again tomorrow.

Friday 3rd July 2020:
Up at 10.30ish. Tired out, though I got my head down early yesterday. Set about getting stuff done. Went to the bank and put enough money in to pay for the records to be pressed, taken from my guitar stash. When will I ever need to buy another guitar?? Approved the label art. Completed the payment to the pressing plant. I edited the third Don Powell interview, to remove a bit of unnecessary chat and and hide a couple of internet hang glitches. A productive day. Must do some recording tomorrow. TV and stuff. Bed before 12.

Saturday 4th July 2020:
Up late morning. I pulled myself together and set about getting a few things done. Recorded some new guitar parts and three vocal parts for the new song There's a hole in my soul. I might get it pressed as a vinyl single if I can get it finished sounding good enough. It need a decent guitar solo and some e-bow guitar parts re-recording. That remains to be seen. We did a Zoom chat with Lynda's daughter Susan, partner Andrew and grandson Jamie.

Ian Edmundson

TV in the evening and to bed late, after watching Scarface until 1am with Llynda.

Sunday 5th July 2020:
Woke up at 8am. too early to get up. My alarm got switched off, instead of snoozed, at 10am, as I was dog-tired. I finally got up very late. Nearly noon. I woke up aching from head to foot. Put some extra bolts on our garden gate to stop it warping. Rachel and April popped round, which was lovely. Lynda hasn't seen April for a while and she's been really unhappy about the necessary loss of contact due to the virus.

Ian Edmundson

Rachel and April with Tom

I caught a couple of episodes of House while Lynda had a rest and in the evening we watched a couple of episodes of Little Fires Everywhere, which turned out to be a surprisingly good watch.

Before I went to bed, I read on the internet that the Government is preparing to bail out venues, as it is unlikely they will be able to open until next summer. Where does this leave musicians? My head is going with this. I am losing money hand over fist - about £200 a week. I was thinking of doing a special series of 7" vinyl singles with one of my tracks on the A-side and a well-known song on the b-side. But the above news has knocked the wind out of me. Safety first, but I'm coming up to the end of my music career and I would prefer not to fade out and be forced out. It's just heartbreaking.

Monday 6th July 2020:

Ian Edmundson

Today would have been my 35th wedding anniversary with my first wife, Julie. She passed away before our second wedding anniversary. I still feel robbed if I think of her. I do think of her sometimes, but like all things that give me pain, I forget any dates that are bad dates and don't look at calendars unless I have to. I'd like to say she was still alive within me, but I don't make my life painful if I can help it.

I would start thinking that she should have been my children's mother and then mentally slap myself for in some way depriving them of their actual mother, who I never think about at all these days, as the very thought of her and the way she treated me makes me angry. I don't forgive and I don't forget.

I did some shopping at Tesco - got a new blue shirt and some wine and some odd bits. Then I made a trip to our local recycling place and called in at Carrs Pasties on the way home. I have used about a quarter tank of petrol since March. I've hardly been anywhere at all in the car.

Lynda 'abandoned ship' in the evening and went to sleep on the sofa. I left her asleep downstairs and went to bed at 11.30pm.

Tuesday 7th July 2020:
Up about 10am. Lynda still not looking like she felt up to much today. She said the pubs are locking down again, as the misbehaviour is just causing problems and will lead to another spike in the virus. I looked at BBC news and 3 pubs have shut back down. Lynda thinks we are now all going to die and it is slowly killing her. She's just totally depressed and angry about everything. Our neighbours drive her mad. It's her deceased best friend Marg's birthday tomorrow (Lynda doesn't ignore bad dates and birthdays, she dreads them all year and then spends those days in pain), the world is coming to an end, she worries constantly about every animal in hardship and she's basically not fit enough to cope with all of this stress and isn't eating. I said the wrong thing - she looked like she was falling asleep while eating. She back went to bed angry, after spending a lot of the day in bed. I ended up watched a bunch of episodes of House again.

12.30am. Trying not to go to bed.

Wednesday 8th July 2020:
Up just after 10am. I let myself wake up a bit then I paid a visit to my mate Dave's and then went to Rachel's, Paul was round there and he came back with me to our house and we set about replacing the damaged fence panels with the new UPVC ones. It went easier than expected. the woman next door glared dimly at me through her kitchen window as I replaced one of the adjoining panels with the new ones. Lynda approved of the new fence panels and then retired back to bed. She spent almost all of today there. I just don't know what to say to make anything better. At 7pm I did the Zoom chat with Chris and Don Powell. Disappointingly, Zoom cut us off at 40 minutes, mid topic. I edited it later on and posted it on YouTube. A good revealing session. I watched the final episode of House MD season 5.

Thursday 9th July 2020:
Up late. Very late. Lynda spent most of the day in bed. Her body clock seems totally out of whack and she feels sick a lot of the time. I haven't seen her eat at all, but she was up well before me - very early.

I spent most of the day waiting for the rain to stop so I could walk the dogs. I made a trip to the huge Tesco superstore in Walkden for the first time since March, They had one pair of slippers in my size, so they ended up coming back home with me. A cautious nip around the store and then home. I put some petrol in the car for the first time since March. It will still over 1/4 full. I finished season 5 of House MD and started on season 6. He goes into a psychiatric unit voluntarily and is there for three episodes. I think they could have strecthed that out and have made more of it, but they were probably nervous of deviating from the hospital theme of the programme at the start of a new season. My mate Mark rang up for a good chat in the evening. Bed before 1am. Accompanied by most of our pets.

Friday 10th July 2020:
Up very late again. I was awake from 5am, when I woke up feeling a little sick - until 8am, when Lynda got out of bed. Then I went back to sleep for a while, to catch that lost sleep up.

Her daughter Susan rang us to talk about bringing Jamie round to our house tomorrow, with the proper distancing in place. This perked Lynda up a bit and afterwards we talked a little about what is ailing her. Our next door neighbours broke her with their racist abuse the other weekend - she hasn't been the same since that. Not being able to hold the grandchildren is making her depressed, plus not being able to live a normal life. We didn't go out much anyway (except for when I was gigging in my case) and Lynda's routine and contact with family has been taken away. I think she felt a little better after we talked about it. I realised a while ago that I'm depressed. I have no energy. Outdoor gigging is possible, but most of our venues have no way of doing that.

I tell you, not being able to gig with Ian and Graham in The THREE is driving me round the bend. The 'loss of earnings' thing is one thing - I'm luckier than some, who have nothing else as income to fall back on. I don't pick a guitar up much at the moment, as anything I do, even the home recording I keep fitfully starting and stopping, is a bit weak compared to the group. I miss making a great noise with the guys. There will be an end to this, but like a lot of my generation, I am in the last few years of trawling round pubs playing what we play, and to have that period of being good at it (arguably) snatched away while we are in our stride just feels cruel.

Our 2020 gig list is painful to look at (first because of how much work there was, then because of how much work there wasn't)....
My shoulder is ok in the day, but it can hurt at night (same as it was), but what hurts more is the removal of who I am, because of what I do being chopped away like this.

The Three

Lynda retired very early as usual. I sank into the sofa with a huge bag of crisps, a can of Budweiser and House MD. Bed very late.

Saturday 11th July 2020:
Up mid-morning. A brighter day, today, as we had visits at our house with both of our grandchildren.


Jamie and Susan
Susan with Jamie

Susan and Andrew were very careful with the social distancing and I was glad to see that they aren't being at all lax about it. They need to protect themselves and Jamie from the virus. We spent the visit in the back garden, until Jamie started getting a bit tired. Rachel was confident to come indoors, as we are all shielding and we had the most fun visit yet with April, who is getting more vocal. After both visits, Lynda returned to bed. I went to bed at 1.30am.

Sunday 12th July 2020:
I got up after 10am. Lynda was up quite early but came back to bed soon after I got up and stayed there all day. She's not eating. I don't know how to get through to her, or how to cheer her up, or how to interest her in food. When she does this, she usually eventually cracks and eats something. At the moment she says the thought of food makes her feel sick. Bed late.

Monday 13th July 2020:
Up late. Lynda throwing up if she even drinks water or takes a bite of toast. She won't go to see a doctor. Went out to Tesco to do some shopping. Spent some of the afternoon sorting website stuff out and watching episodes of House. 35 years ago, I was at Wembley Stadium for Live Aid. Chris and I did a Zoom interview with Dave Kemp, who is connected to Slade and Slady. Edited it and got it online in the evening. Bed very late.

Tuesday 14th July 2020:
Up late again. This is getting to be a habit. Lynda was up early and spent most of the day up. She seems to be getting a bit better, though still having trouble with looking at her evening meal. Talked to Chris about who else to interview for The Noize Interviews. We have a few ideas. Paul popped around to see us, which was really nice. Started on box 7 of House MD. We watched an amount of TV together in the evening. 3 episoides of The secrets that she keeps, a drama about a baby abduction in Australia. Quite horrifying, as it could happen so easily. If you put yourself in the position of the parent who has had their child taken for a moment, it can be really upsetting. Bed at about 1am. Toffee vodka as a repeated nightcap was possibly not my best idea,

Wednesday 15th July 2020:
Up fashionably late. I'm not really driven to get out of bed when I wake up feeling a bit of pain. Went for a good walk to pick up my prescription of pain killers and took Tom with me. He loves a good walk. Watched some TV with Lynda. She appears to be getting a bit better than she was. It pissed it down for most of the day. Late on we watched Battle for the planet of the apes. We have it on DVD, but seeing as it was on TV, we watched it. To bed earlyish with a book. Makes a nice change.

Thursday 16th July 2020:
Up just after 10am. I'd set my alarm and only had a couple of snoozes. I spoke to Graham about trying to get the band all together in one room. We may be able to do that on a Sunday soon. Lynda doesn't want to join in any such get-togethers, as the virus is just waiting for her to do that. I went to my mate Dave's in the early afternoon and Rachel popped round to our a bit later. I recorded a few segments for a video for the Slade convention page. Looked up details of my level 2 photography college course. There is no information on making classes safe yet and my tutor hasn't got back to me, so I'm not enrolling until there is some guidance that I can read. I don't want to enrol on a course that will just turn into a load of home learning and exercises, like the last course did. I learned absolutely nothing in the second half of the course and the certificate I will get is worth nothing to me. I wanted the photography skills, not a piece of paper.  TV with Lynda in the evening. Grey bin out. Bed late.

Friday 17th July 2020:
Up around 10am. Lynda is not in a great mood, giving me black looks and snapping at me whatever I say, so I avoided her for the majority of the morning and afternoon. I know she's depressed. It's really getting to me, though.

Our beloved idiot PM is now muttering about certain indoor performances going ahead from August 1st. I can't see that including bands playing in pubs. Something else to stress about. We need to be playing again. Lynda still says the virus is airborne, which is abnother cause for conflict about me gigging again, or even going to watch anyone. It's not. It's just been discovered how long it takes to fall to the ground.

I worry about my band folding. Two bands (including my old band Wizdom) have given up in the last week. Interestingly, Wizdom have just declared that they are 'coming off the road'. It has taken them since March to realise that. It's now July. They do sound like they have thrown in the towel completely, though. They have been going out as just a father and son guitar / drums duo, as they can't keep a bass player for long. It's a stressful band to be in and I was glad to get out of there. The guitarist must have got a job.

In the evening I messaged a guy who had been asking me, a while ago, if I was selling any basses. I sent him photos of seven or eight basses. Of course he asked me if I was selling some basses I didn't send photos of. I badly underpriced one bass when he asked me about a price on it and so I changed my mind on it. It is the most I have paid for a bass and looking at the prices on Ebay, I got it cheap.

Bed very late.

Saturday 18th July 2020:
Up nearer to 11am. Can't remember which side of 11am. Walked the dogs and spent most of the day watching House MD season 7. Before we setlled down to watch TV, I walked the dogs again. We watched 3 episodes of the new Penny Dreadful City Of Angels series based in Los Angeles, starring the astonishing and totally exquisite Natalie Dormer, who has no less of an effect on me, than when she was involved with Henry VIII, some years ago.

To cool down after that TV treat, I walked the dogs again, avoiding the man next door, who I still have not spoken to yet, since his outburst at Lynda. I am still raging at how he spoke to Lynda and I really have to be careful how I am going to react to him. The sight of him gets me wanting to thump him at the moment, so if I see him on the street, I have to walk the other way. Bed extremely late.

Sunday 19th July 2020:
Up around 11am. Exhausted. Did a few minutes in the front garden, trimming a holly bush, as Lynda was tidying the garden. The weather is quite nice, so the dogs may get a good walk, dependent on whether Oscar feels like joining in. He only has short legs and long walks aren't his thing. I sometimes end up almost pulling him along, which feels awful, but he can get really stroppy if I try to pick him up. And he is also a little fatty.

A decent enough day of getting some TV watched and a few things done. Chris and I did a 40 minute Zoom chat with Don Powell and I managed to edit it and get it online this evening.

Monday 20th July 2020:
Up after 10am. Not sure how much after. Had a nice soak in the bath in the afternoon and started to fall asleep. Some House MD and later we watched some TV together. Had a chat with Dave Kemp about various things and sent him the footage to use. I put three guitars on sale on Facebook. A 5 string Retovibe bass, a ESP Edwards Cloud guitar and my Agile double neck guitar / bass (which has only been gigged three or four times). Bed at 1am.

Tuesday 21st July 2020:
I was woken up before my alarm went off, by drilling and digging up the pavement in front of our house and looked out of the window to see I couldn't get the car off the drive. Not that I was going anywhere today.

I watched some episodes of House MD and dealt with a couple of people who seem to want two of the three guitars. I don't know if they are time wasters or not. I had put that it was buyer collects, but they don't seem to have read what I posted. One is in Bologna, Italy. He says he will arrange courier etc on the 5 string bass (but I'd have to get a new hard case for it and add that to the price, as it is currently in a gig bag). I can see he is a real person from his profile. The other is in Louisiana, USA and he doesn't seem to have much idea about arranging couriers. I also can't see anything much on his profile.

Wednesday 22nd July 2020:
Up not long after 10am with a couple of snoozes on the alarm. Watched some House MD (I'm now onto Season 8 - the final season), waited for the rain to give up to walk the dogs, did some internet work, listened to some music and updated my music library. Sent an email off to Edsel Records asking why the signed HotRats CD / DVD set I ordered in April from Amazon isn't coming. A number of people seem to be being disappointed. I know who to talk to about this. Pestered Amazon late on too. There's some interest in my doubleck guitar / bass. It will be interesting to see if it goes, I got to bed at 1am, but Tom takes up so much bed and Smudge insists on padding and purring and such for ages, next to me before she lies down. I ended up unable to get to sleep, though I was dog-tired and caught my blog up and did some Slade forum posts. 3.35am - I guess it's time to try to go back to bed...

Thursday 23rd July 2020:
Predictably, I was up late. I went downstairs in the end and slept on the sofa. The day passed in a sort of haze of me feeling rather ill, due to the tiredness. Our car was blocked on our drive by work on the pavement outside our house, so I couldn't get it out. We watched the final episodes of Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels and it has just been such a ride. I hope they can continue it. I got to bed stupidly late, as I couldn't get tired and ended up having to go sleep on the sofa again.

Friday 24th July 2020:
I woke up at 8.30am when Lynda came downstairs. That was my cue to say a mumbled good morning in a sort of fog and then go up to bed for a few hours. I went to Dave's at 2pm, having to remove the barriers that were blocking our drive to get the car off. I stayed at Dave's for a couple of hours. The barriers were down when i came home.

Graham rang me around teatime. It has been suggested that we restart our jam night shortly, as the venue we do it at is reopening under its new name and he was contacted about us playing our jam nights again. Two snags. One is that the Government say that pubs and clubs can't host live music yet, except outdoors with appropriate distancing involved. The other snag is the virus. It just isn't safe to do it yet. I have written this year off as far as live music goes. We will be lucky to be doing it next year, at this rate. Graham is one of those who hold the view that the virus is a bit of a conspiracy theory and I imagine that Ian would just go out and play and take the risk, because (like me) playing is what he does. Graham wasn't that impressed that I didn't automatically say yes to playing. Telling him that pubs and clubs aren't allowed to have bands on, prompted him to tell me who's playing where. They still aren't allowed to. I messaged him the relevant Government guidance paragraphs that say bands still shouldn't be playing in pubs and clubs. Those venues will have their licenses revoked. I said our main priority at the moment is to get into a room and to finally play together again for the first time since March. Jam nights will be the very last things to come back. They are hideously unsafe.

I made this mistake of mentioning this to Lynda, who went into her prophecy of doom about us all being dead (the virus will kill us all) and if I decide to go and play live, then I can find somewhere else to live. She went to bed out of my way. Bed very late.

Saturday 25th July 2020:
Up near 11am. I got a much better night's sleep last night, in our own bed. Walked the dogs a few times during the day. Mapped out the next Q&A session with Don Powell. Watched a couple of episodes of the final season of House MD. I was getting rather despondent about the signed Supergrass HotRats box set via Amazon, so I caved in and snagged one at a slight mark-up from Ebay and cancelled the Amazon order. I had said I wouldn't, but Edsel Records and Supergrass were doing nothing to remedy the situation, so I took matters into my own hands.

Had a laugh to myself that my ignorant pig racist next door neighbours rounded up a bunch of their mates to dig up the abandoned and filled in driveway at the front of their house. They have spent some hours on it today. The previous occupant of the house gave up on the new front drive when he found out that you need special planning permission to drive over a pavement. The front drive that was dug out is next to a pedestrian dropped kerb on a street corner, so there was no chance of getting the planning permission for another vehicular dropped kerb. Still, I am enjoying watching them hard at work, even if, in the end, it comes to nothing at all. They have had a bunch of unsightly and dangerous flag paving stones piled up in their paved front garden for most of a year. It looks like they may finally get the things moved. So I am saying nothing. At least their bombsite front garden will be cleared up at last.

Once they have finished the work and made their bombsite garden somewhat tidier, I will contact the Planning Department.

Lynda went to bed at about 8pm, after nodding off during a particularly exciting episode of Married at first sight Australia, which I have been watching with her. I walked Oscar again. Tom was messing about and wouldn't have his harness on. So it was just Oscar that got the walk. Still hard at it next door. Great.

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