DWP-Conference Notes 20/05/2019

Address by Fran Heathcote
A personal address. Fran never wanted to be president, prefered to be group organiser. Went through success and failures, £3 million compensation and then failure in the ballot. WE need to learn from our experiences and make sure we ballot again but at the right time.

SOC Report NO 3
Some controversy here. Sheffield HQ tries to attend the meeting on Sunday but state they were turned away and unable to register their feelings on one of the removal of one of motions they proposed.

Ian Bartholomew-Annual Report

Pay the main theme. Talk about extending the UC dispute across all services centres.
Talk about failure of ballot. Hard work of reps recognised.
Lack of staff serious issue. Most of the recruitment has only maintained staffing levels, no increase, FTA’s not made permanent, natural wastage etc.
We all need to see ourselves as recruiters and organisers.


A1-EM5-SOC Report 3 (Ahead of A1 which becomes E1)-Mandated

Pay & Ballot. Many branches got way more and many branches were way below.

Target specific branches that need support.

Co-ordinate ballot action with other DWP groups.

Proposed by GEC
This doesn’t address the issue in A1 re opting back in to Employee Deal. This was raised by Hertford & Bed’s.  

A10-This is about penalising staff who have opted out-Mandated
Equal pay for all members. Many members have taken out grievances about the inequality of pay. Many members feel let down.

DWP have refused to let members opt back in.

Manchester-M Shafiq. Says reject as reps should challenge where members have opted in and get told to work Saturdays or evenings. these cases can be taken to the independent panel.

Charles Law-GEC want us to oppose the motion. We could be in the position where opted out members get the same pay as opted in but don’t have to do the hours. This is not fair. This would unpick the main principal of ED. Cannot separate from contractual issues. Remit or propose.

Vote for Remission-Carried- I voted for remission after Charles’s speech

A12-Pay Negotiations-Mandated
Created a two-tier work force. Mostly women. We shouldn’t give up our terms and conditions in a pay deal.
Why should those who have opted out get the same who have opted in to ED.

GEC M Kavanagh- Oppose the motion. GEC is not against equal pay. The GEC want staff who have opted out to get a decent pay rise at all. Says ED has not created a two-tier system, we’ve always had a two-tier system. This motion would mean that 2/3 of staff on ED would be let down in favour of members who opted out.

Not-Carried- I abstained-vote was carried easily, so our vote would not have made a difference. After the previous, remitted, motion it didn’t make sense to vote for this motion.

A13-Staffing and staff cuts-Mandated
Sam Hall-Slash and burn approach to offices and closures. Woeful IT systems, money wasted by DWP on adverts saying how good UC is.
Membership density is not enough, we need more members otherwise we will not be able to negotiate effectively with DWP.
Carried-I voted for

A20-Retirement Directorate-Not Mandated
High workloads, claimant’s not getting paid. Not enough staff.

GEC support this motion

Carried-I voted for

A25-Jobcentre Staffing-Mandated
Workloads, bullying etc.

Cameras being brought into Toxteth Jobcentre for TV show on UC.

Manager unblocking diaries without notice

GEC support this motion. Staffing campaign already in progress. Survey to Jobcentre members was issued last week and closes in June. They want a strong staffing campaign in Jobcentres. They will ballot members if there is a will amongst members.

Carried-I voted for

A26-NINO Grading-Not Mandated.

Should be an EO job as similar to fraud and compliance. Management taking short cuts.

Carried-I Voted for

A27-Vacancies-FTA’s-Not Mandated
FTA’s contracts coming to an end and then not re-employed. Then management are taking on new FTA’s.

GEC Supports it.

Carried-I voted for

SOC Called- Not John Ashworth this afternoon. MP Mike Ashley
E147 A90 withdrawn
E91 becomes A91

Sodexo etc.
All services should be brought back in-house.

GEC fully supports this motion.

Canvey Island staff threatened by a gang of youths. Sodexo have been asked to put in CCTV, but 7 months later still no CCTV. The Police cannot do anything without CCTV.

Carried-I voted for

A30-CMG Staffing-Mandated

GEC-support. We continue to push for FTA’s to be made permanent

Carried-I voted for

Rest of this section not covered as guillotine dropped.

Guest Speaker-Not covered as went for a brew and gents

Distinguished Life Memberships-see below

A37-Not Mandated

GEC Support as moved by them

Carried-I voted for

Tribute and speech from Mark Serwotka
Tribute to Janice Godrich. Is ill and unable to attend.

WP management most hostile and hard work above any Civil Service management

Support for Walsall and Wolves who are on strike next week. We will continue to support staff.

Thank you to staff who have refused to take part in television programs which are blatant propaganda.

The entire Social Security system needs changing.
Support extra 50p for strike funds. We need extra money for strikes.

Pensions robbery. Agreed to raise accrual rates decrease contributions by 2% and give pensions to non-married partners, BUT DWP have now reneged on this.

We can beat the 50% threshold. We were only 3000 short and 2000 with late votes not counted. If we had electronic voting we would get 55-60%

Politics. Vote for Corbyn otherwise we will get Boris Johnson and an extreme right-wing agenda. We need to be united as a union.


Conditions of Service-p.m. session

A52-Application for leave-Mandated
GEC. Supportive.

Carried-I voted for

A53-Festive Leave-Mandated
It comes around every year, but management treat it like it’s never happened before on a yearly basis. This is expected and should be planned for.

GEC supports-Staff on part-time or term time were included in the percentage, which is wrong.

Carried-I voted for

A55-Additional Hours-Mandated
GEC supports. Dave Semple states DWP want to normalise all days of the year so they don’t have to pay overtime

Carried-I voted for

A55-Additional Hours for training-Mandated
Toni Matthews Wigan spoke. DWP rarely let part-timers do training on a part-time basis but when staff Increase their hours for training no increase in annual leave entitlement is given.

Carried-I voted for

A56-GEC- People Performance-Mandated
Moved by Dave Burke of GEC.

Carried-I voted for

A66-Working Patterns-Mandated

A67-Assumed Consent-Mandated
GEC supports

Carried-I voted for

EM4-Extended Opening Hours-Not mandated-(goes ahead of A69).
GEC supported and moved by GEC.

Most calls between 9-5. Demand low, so why do they want extended hours all the time.

Extended opening with no extra staff reduced the ability to deal with claimants during the normal working day.

Carried-I voted for

A69-Jobcentre Opening Hours-Mandated
GEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A70-Independence of Appeal Managers-Mandated
Dave Owens GEC Spoke. Decisions rubber stamped by the next level of management. Interpretation of the guidance is suspect by management.

Carried-I voted for

EM7-Recording facility Time-Goes ahead of A72-No mandated
Matt Cunningham Wrexham Spoke.

GEC-Supports. Charles law states not fit for purpose for facility time.

Member of Fylde Branch was only paid £280 at Christmas due to an entry on overtime and facility time in the same week.

Carried-I voted for

A72-Political Activity-Not Mandated
Moved by GEC. Ian Bartholomew.

Carried-I voted for

A73-People Survey-Not Mandated
Moved by GEC. Dave Burke.

Opposed by Manchester branch. The info is misused. Dave Burke replied. Most of our members demolish the DWP’s opinion, therefore, worth doing. It lets them know how unhappy staff are.

Carried-I voted for

A74-Human Rights Act-Mandated

GEC supports

Carried-I voted for

 Elections black members results announced and other results

Standing Orders-Update-E91 became E91. Further withdrawals A91 E92 & E93

Attendance Management

EM3-Not Mandated but supports A77 which was mandated
GEC supports. Dave Burke.
Application of procedures wrong not the procedures.

Carried-I voted for

A77-Trigger Points Over 50’s-Mandated
Sickness in over 50’s is more than in any other group and our work force is aging.

GEC not supportive. The stat’s do not support a case for over 50’s. Also it would breech equality. Younger staff have more short-term absence than older staff.

Stockport asked for remittance. Instructs GEC to obtain info on how many staff are affected, the proportion affected in relation to other staff. All staff with disabilities should get an increased trigger point whatever their age.

A call for remission-Accepted by Stockport. I voted for remission as the movers also did.

GEC supports this. Still difficult to get a DEPT. Rare to get above 4 days.

A call for remission. Not remitted

Carried-I voted for

A79-Guilloined-Workplace Adjustment Passports-Mandated


Guest Speaker Mike Amesbury MP for Weaver Vale

UC doesn’t work. IT needs scrapping and something better in place.

EM6-Organising-Not Mandated
Disappointing ballot, membership not growing. 60 new DWP members last year, but 800 left.

We need more members and reps and to be better organised to get better pay and conditions.

See motion for more info-I will bring EM6 to the BEC-.

Carried-I voted for

Some opposition from Tees Valley. We shouldn’t take on apprentices as they are low paid and should be permanent

GEC supports motion, better safeguards next time. This is an opportunity to recruit new members as apprentices need PCS help. They are paid the same amount as other staff.

Carried-I voted for

A86-Access to CSHR Advice-Mandated
Steve Finch moving motion from Tees Valley

GEC supports motion, with a statement.

CSHR now includes other government departments since the old Complex cases team was disbanded.

We should also request a copy of the guidance given, which does not always happen.

Carried-I voted for

A94-Check Off-Not Mandated

Remove PCS details of members which are still on pay slips. Data Protection issue.

GEC supports this motion

Carried-I voted for


A95-Neurodiverstity-Not mandated
GEC have raised disability confidence issues. Supports the motion

Carried-I voted for

A103-Attendance & Equality Act

GEC not supportive. Ask for remittance. Factually incorrect.

Remittance vote carried-I voted for

A103-Equality & Recruitment-Not mandated
GEC supports

Carried- I voted for

A105-Sanitary provision
Brighton Football club has free sanitary products in the women’s toilets.

GEC supports

Carried-I voted for

GEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A107-JCP Guards-Mandated
Coventry. The issue of knife crime.

GEC-no negotiating rights with security as they work for G4S. A risk assessment in an individual office would have to recommend it.

Carried-I Voted for

A108-Accident Policy-Mandated
GEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A109-Flu Jabs-Not mandated
GEC supports as reduction in staff on sick during winter
Carried-I voted for

A110-falls as the movers are not here

Guillotine fell.

Presentation of group accounts-Mr Chilwan.

Group Social at 9pm Queens Hotel

Day 2

A112-Carers Allowance-Not mandated
GEC supports Carried-I voted for

A116-Domestic Violence-Not mandated
GEC supports Carried-I voted for

A117-Switch Off UC for abuse-Not mandated
GEC supports Carried-I voted for

A118-resorce model-Not mandated
How resources are calculated. GEC supports. Carried-I voted for

A119-Non Smart Processes-Mandated
GEC supports with a statement. Not sure what the statement was. Carried-I voted for

A120-Excessive Monitoring-Mandated
Constant monitoring by NGCC. One example referred to the point Steve Gibson raised that NGCC does not record accurately or correctly all of the time. GEC supports. Carried-I voted for

121-OED Officers-Not mandated
Enforcing 6:30pm on learning staff. Course finishes at 15:30 and they are forced to stay until 6:30.
GEC supports. East Lanc’s asked for the motion to be remitted because we have raised this before with the GEC and we expected this to be sorted by now. We want a deadline before we go into rotation 6. GEC states no remission.

Carried-I voted for

GEC moved-What a calamity UC is.
Let’s widen the dispute across Service Centres and agree staffing campaign for Jobcentres. Industrial action to be considered in consultation with members. They will ballot every site individually if necessary.

Carried-I voted for

A135-Scottish Social Security-Not mandated
GEC supports. They don’t want the private sector involved in Scottish SS. Which SNP want.
Carried-I voted for

SOC-Guillotine section. Way ahead of time. Two requests A79 & EM9 are included in guillotine. Agreed.

A139-Treforest Closure-Mandated
This site is in the middle of nowhere. Only people who live there are able to get there. It only has a cash & carry and is a notable dogging area. There is no bus route. No parking for cars. Loads of spaces for bikes, not safe for bikes. Built on a flood plain next to a river with the biggest gas main in Wales below the ground.

GEC Supports
Carried-I voted for

SOC-10-minute break as ahead of schedule

Guillotine Section

A79-Workplace Adjustment Passports-Mandated to vote against
To avoid having repeated discussions every time there is a change of line manager.

GEC. Chris Marks on behalf of GEC, supports the motion. They didn’t see any problems with the motion and fully supported it. No objections raised anywhere else. Chris Marks mentioned where he works and a constant change of line manager and that this would help and save having to explain to the new manager every time.

Carried-I didn’t vote as it was easily carried

EM9-Digital-failure to consult-Not mandated
GEC supports. Recognition of union rights and the jobs should be in Civil Service and not BPDTS-which avoids many of the safeguards.

Announcement of votes-Didn’t capture the names or results

Vote of Thanks-Dave Owens-Standing down as leaving DWP

Fran Heathcote thanks to all, retiring, leaving GEC and all those on the GEC. Emotional Thanks to all (tears provided as she’s leaving GEC for NEC).

ADC-National-Day 1

Opening remarks.


President’s address-Fran Heathcote

Thanks to Janice Godrich. Thanks to reps who worked hard in the recent pay ballot. Social Security system needs changing, victimising disabled people in particular. Euro elections on Thursday. Oppose anti-migrant rhetoric. Jeremy Corbyn to speak on Thursday.

CONCLUSION, UNITY OUR WATCHWORD. Lots of attacks but we need to stick together and fight the common enemy. Solidarity and respect for other members views. Distinguished Life Awards awarded.

SOC-Reports 1, 2 , 3 & 4
Mention of motions online where there have been technical issues and security alerts so that not all motions were able to be registered in-time. 279 registered, only 79 main ones suitable.

Lots of emergency motions registered since the pay ballot result. Changes to timetable on Thursday morning due to Jeremy Corbyn’s attendance. No 4 thrown in at the last minute. Relates to motion A4. The branch wants this motion withdrawn. This will have go before conference. AGREED. Please endorse SOC reports: 1, 2, 3 & 4

Birkenhead branch Spoke on X310 they want it referenced back- Not accepted as an emergency motion. They don’t want to remit. GEC won’t accept as other motions are covered in other motions. The vote was against the branch.

West Mercia want E307 referenced back. SOC committee and SOC don’t want it as it’s already covered by A306. The balance of the debate will be upset by this motion, three main motions on this and this is similar to A306. The vote was lost

PSG Headquarters Branch spoke on A17 and the reference and similarity to A16. A17 has been dropped. SOC think that two tactics are incompatible (A16-A17). Could be seem as aggressive due to the use of physically blocking. Remittance asked for. The vote was lost

Standing Orders accepted.

Mark Serwotka Opening Speech

A292-NEC-Result of ballot-Not mandated as EM-Covers E293 & also a debate with A294 & A306
NEC moved and Mark Serwotka spoke

Organisational issues in many branches, and in the majority branches we fell short. We need more reps and advocates.

We will beat the threshold next time, but only if the work is put in.

A294-Proposed by London South-Continued on SOC Report No 2

A306-Proposed by PSG-Health Service & Parliamentary Ombudsmen
Lots of debate on both sides. NEC want a national ballot and strike.
Clara Paillard asked for support for A294 & Dave Burke also supported A294-We need to be more flexible and allow a national and regional campaigns. A294 suggests debate and tactics rather than one tactic or another as in A292 & A306. Support A294 flexible tactics.

Some speakers say local action is not sufficient we need national action otherwise the treasury will take no notice.

Mark stated that if a disaggregated ballot then that would be a dispute with the individual employer only. This causes legal problems and the employer would be able to divide and conquer. They will only listen to a national ballot for a national campaign on pay and other issues.

Card Vote

For: 62676; Against: 60991; Abstentions: 5686
A292-Carried-I voted for

Guest Speaker: Chris Roberts (surname).

Tribute to Chris Baugh and welcome John Maloney

Speech about fighting cuts to civil service terms and conditions.

Vase presented by Fran

Guaranteed interviews for disabled staff


Carried-I voted for

A10-Neuro 2-Not mandated
Neurodiversity not a disability, just a different way of thinking. It needs to be a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.


Carried-I Voted for

A11-Restore cuts to services for neuro divergent persons
NEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A12-Home Office Success Profiles-Mandated
Could discriminate against neuro diverse applicants

NEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A14-facing far Right-Mandated for
NEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A15-Jobs & Homes not Racism-Mandated
Blaming people of colour for the woes of societies

NEC Supports

Carried I voted for

A16-Fight Racism-Mandated
NEC supports

Carried-I voted for

End of Day 1 of ADC


Day 2 ADC-Wednesday

SOC Report no 5-Agreed

A18-Women members-Mandated

NEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A284-LCBT Equality Northern Ireland-Not mandated
NEC supports

Carried-I voted for

A19-Equality-Mandated against (however we didn’t understand it fully it’s about guidance and assistance from PCS for reps)
NEC states that we should support the motion, with a statement. PCS website has expanded to give more detail on section 19. There are courses available on this part of the law. We keep a close eye on case law in this area. Lots of background work done since last year’s conference. (check what is on the website). Progress made not enough, we will improve the guidance and put pressure on management.

Carried-I voted for as the NEC is supportive. No objections from anywhere else.

A20-Trans awareness-Not mandated
Devon branch. Trans rights are human rights. If we prick them do they not bleed. They should have the same rights as everyone else. There is a war on trans people. Alexis Russell from South Humber spoke and supported the motion based on human rights and not just as a trans-gender woman.

Sersha Tweedale from Bradford (LGBT committee member). Fed up of abuse from women who don’t see them as women and don’t want them using women’s toilets. We need solidarity in the union, some in the union are actively anti-transgender. Example given of a trans women in America who was beaten badly by a bunch of men and was rescued by a group of women. That’s what we need solidarity.

NEC supports. Carried-I voted for

A21-Trans equality-Mandated
The NEC and Mark need censorship for not being supportive of trans gender equality issues even though we have policies that dictate support for these issues.

Sersha spoke and stated that she doesn’t want to focus on personalities. She was at a conference when the letter to the Morning Star was published. The article/letter was shameful. Are these people just continuing their own agenda or are they representing the view of PCS? This is shameful, they should represent its membership through the democracy of conference. They need censorship as this is anti-union and anti-democracy.

Glasgow wants us to oppose this motion. Both sides at fault. Oppose the motion as it doesn’t bring both sides together.

Marina from Manchester states that it was just an attack on extreme trans-gender activists. Was about a trans-gender woman who punched a 60-year-old women. She states women are been abused by trans-gender activists.

Bridgit Corcoran. Things are back on track now. Why is this motion on the cards as it’s divisive? We all agree that violence is not right.

NEC-spoke(Angela Grant). States that this was signed  at the TUC, which is important. It was signed to support women and violence against them. This motion continues the argument it is not a motion that unifies. Please oppose.

Chris Hendry right of reply. Len McLusky replied to the letter immediately but our NEC did not, that’s what this is about. They should have responded and explained.

Carried-I voted for


A27-50p for fighting fund-mandated against. Opposition feels that we could lose members. The increase is more than inflation, 3.6%.

Carried-I voted against

A28-Elections-Not mandated
Canary Wharf stated that John Maloney won as the vote was split due to there being more than two candidates. All full-time officials should be voted for. NEC opposes- This is because first past the post gives a clear winner. This change would make the ballot papers more complicated, bringing more complexity administration and costs.

Not carried-I voted against

SOC Report-Sheffield have asked for A38 to be withdrawn-Agreed

Distinguished Life memberships
Ian Albert-Ex NEC-North Herts
Adam-Ex NEC
Chris Morrison-Ex NEC

Treasurers Report-Chris Baugh
Thanks to all. Balance income and expenditure over 3 years.
He has accepted the offer of re-deployment and hopes to serve members in another role within PCS.

Finance & Services

A35-Mental Wellbeing for reps-Mandated
GEC supports. Carried-I voted for


A41-Kazakhstan-Not Mandated
Some opposition due to additional costs if carried in visits and donations. as we have asked members for more money for the fighting fund. NEC states they cannot carry out both instructions due to financial reasons. Carried-I voted against

A42-palestine-Not mandated
M Shafiq states he is proud of Unions stance and support of Palestine. Chris Marks-Of Jewish descent opposes the motion. Because of accuracy and principal. This motion indicates that Israeli state is opposed completely and should not be there and is also racist by default.

MOJ National branch also opposes. Because of anti-Semitism. Our movement needs ridding of this ant-Semitic comments. Referred to anti-Semitism in the Labour party. Steve Swainson support-He’s on NEC

NEC-supports. John McInally. Wants to re-affirm support for the Palestinian people. Referred to Human Rights Act against racism. Also oppose false accusations of against the state of Israel and against Jeremy Corbyn.

Carried-I voted against

Communications Awards

Jill and Chris
Pria Canyu
Abe Allan
Holly Allison
Chloe Christo
Sam David

Branch Awards
Stockport-First branch above 50%
Wheatley for a London branch
DWP Cumbria
Bays London (private firm where members are on strike).

Mark Serwotka spoke and congratulated these awards and the Bays strike.

Lunch Break

Wednesday PM

National Organisers Report

Face to Face conversations work. More reps more advocates needed.

Those who used the app got better results.

Struggle to organise in large work places.

Under 30’s now coming in and they often don’t join the union. Density low in under 30’s.

A45-Organising-Not mandated
NEC moved.1300-1400 new members are being recruited every month, but more are leaving. The membership number is 180300 a net loss of 1800. This position seems to be stabilising now.

Stockport want more lay involvement in national organisation. They don’t speak to reps on the ground. Commix not ideal as we can’t get rid of members wo have retired 10 years ago. We need more involvement in branches from NEC/GEC and full-time officers. We need to go a lot further than this motion, but support the motion.

Carried-I voted for

A46-Public Sector Group Conference-Not mandated
Moved by the gruff Londoner Tim (Government Legal), alliterative speaker
(Stray farts and girding your loins)

NEC-Opposed the motion as it will split the bargaining powers
(Stray farts and girding your loins)

Carried-I didn’t vote as unsure

A47-ADC-Not mandated
NEC moved. Carried-I voted for

A48-Retired members payment-Not mandated-debated with A47
This motion requests remuneration for retired members for helping with personal cases

ACAS rep stated that this motion is against the law, as it would mean ARM’s members getting less than the minimum wage. Their status would have to be that of an employee, which causes these legal and employment problems and has tac implications

NEC oppose A48. Not feasible or justified and the ARM’s committee agrees. The principle is that ARM’s members get expenses, not pay as reps get expenses and facility time so that no one loses out but also that no one gains from representing members

Not carried-I voted against

Distinguished Life Memberships
Christine Galligan
Martin two awards one from GEC and one from NEC

Not posthumous
Mary Ferguson


Commercial Sector

A7-bring together PCS members from private and public sector-Not mandated
NEC supports

Carried-I voted for

EM-A276-private sector in BEISS London South-Not mandated
Pay has been irregular, wrong tax codes and pay slips not understandable.
Employers offered loans and loans to pay off other loans.

NEC supports

Carried-I voted for


A53-political prisoner in Turkey-Not mandated
NEC supports. Carried-I voted for

Social & Economic

Green Issues

EM-A317-Climate Change-Not mandated
NEC moved. Carried-I voted for

A65-NEC  Moved-Not mandated
Carbon emissions. Carried-I voted for

A312-Liverpool Museums-Not mandated
Clara Paillard. Wants to declare a climate emergency. She thanked Chris Baugh and Sam Mason. NEC wants to consult with branches and look at how we declare an emergency and get branches to vote and discus at BEC’s and take up with individual employers. Carried-I voted for

A54-Domestic Violence-Not mandated
NEC supports. Carried-I voted for

A318-Digital evidence in rape cases-Not mandated
Rape victims don’t want to hand over their digital data for intrusion on their private lives and wrong conclusions being drawn by Police and Crown Prosecution Service. NEC supports. Carried-I voted for

A55-UC to be scrapped-Not mandated for
NEC supports. Glasgow stated what has UC done for us. Questioning women who had been raped and have to disclose this and be asked about it when they claim UC. Carried-I voted for

A278-Adverts by DWP in Metro-Not mandated for
Documentaries by the BBC on UC in Jobcentres mentioned. Expose these adverts that give a false picture and get it publicised in the press. NEC-supports. Tracy Hilton. Supports the motion (NEC member). Carried-I voted for

Election Results read out

A56-NEC moved-Brexit-Not mandated
Failure by government to deal with Brexit. Carried-I voted for

A57-Brexit-Not mandated
Failure by government to deal with Brexit. NEC want it remitted due to 3&4 in the motion, due to commitments under customs union agreed last year and with the Labour party. This would leave our union as supporting Brexit when we’ve agreed to not favour one side or the other. Remission asked for by NEC-Wales rejected remission

Vote for Remission-Carried-I voted for.

End of Wednesday

Thursday-Closing Day

SOC Report-A85-Withdrawn. No other changes


EM-A277-Compensation scheme-NEC Moved-Not mandated
Kevin McHugh spoke for GEC. Members have been overpaying NI, so our contributions should be 2% less now. But the Government has refused to give us our money back. Carried-I voted for

A75(E255)-Public Sector Pensions-Not mandated (or is it A255?)
Not covered in main booklet or SOC report no 2. Carried-I voted for

A76-Civil Service Pensions-Not mandated
Reduce pension age back to 60. Reduced contributions and to lobby the Labour Party and ballot for action. NEC supports.
Carried-I voted for

EM-A290-NEC Moved-Not Mandated-Civil Service Compensation Scheme
To Fight for better terms and what we had before. Carried-I voted for

EM-A291-HQ London-Exit Payments-Not mandated
Investigate what is meant by Regulation 10, “A requirement to Inform”. NEC-Opposition to £95,000 cap on redundancy payments. Carried-I voted for

Personnel Policy

A78-Sexual Harassment-No mandated
Training for reps and improvements to policy. NEC supports. They state that there is a barrier to report sexual harassment. Channels need to be made to raise concerns. It’s not enough to move someone to another office. Carried-I voted for

A79-Customers who abuse staff- Not mandated
NEC supports. Motion falls as no speaker

A80-Mental Health Care Resources-Not mandated
Waiting lists too long for mental health treatment in the NHS. NEC supports. Carried-I voted for

A81-Falls as no speaker

A82-Agency Workers-Not mandated for
ACAS is employing agency workers, some for 5-6 years doing the same work.  No rights and security. What can we do about this as a union. NEC supports-We want permanent staff, but agency workers there will always be. We support the motion as they are the most vulnerable group of workers. Carried-I voted for

A83-extra leave for victims of DV-Not mandated for
NEC Supports. So they can get safe housing and visiting agencies as required.
Carried I voted for

A79-Moved back as speaker has arrived-Not mandated
Risk to staff when they go out to claimants and no info to identify previous abuse. We need a database of info on such claimants.
NEC Supports. Carried-I voted for

A283-Carers-Not mandated
Moved by Will (stayed in same B&B) Carers leave. 1 in 4 workers are carers. 10 days carers leave requested.
NEC Supports. Carried -I voted for

A84-Unpaid Overtime-Not Mandated
Some staff take computers home are in danger of working for free

Dave Burke asked for the motion to be remitted, if not then vote against. Because PCS members we have a flexible working policy and overtime. This would deny people flexi-time. We cannot tell managers to let people only work the hours that you are meant to work and staff would lose flexi. Management would want this. Members would be mystified by this motion if they lost their flexi rights. This could also mean a work to rule and signified industrial action. Please oppose this motion.

Comment on remission. Not accepted. They will not target the DWP or departments where there is flexi.
NEC are supporting the motion. Remission voted on and lost. Carried-I voted against

Guest Speaker-Jeremy Corbyn
Standing ovation
Mark Serwotka introduced Jeremy-alluded to problems they had with Gordon Brown & Tony Blair.
Thanks for your support and standing on picket lines and your manifesto that supports civil servants.
Worried about the rise of racism.
Thanks for personal support when I was in hospital

Sympathy to mark over Cardiff who were relegated, but looking forward to them beating Swansea.
Mark was always more concerned about other people in hospital than himself.
Congrats to Mark, Fran, Janice. Chris Baugh and John Maloney.
It’s a disgrace that there is a food bank in a government building
A speech of solidarity.
Check off victory.
Fight with Tories and trade unions
Support on-line ballots
Within 100 days of office they will repeal the Tory Trade Union Act.
Paternity, maternity and protection from unfair dismissal. They will ban o hours contracts.

National and collective pay bargaining across the civil service, which will stop the inequality we have now where different pay rates and conditions across the civil service. The Government should be an example to other employers. The majority of poverty is with people who are working. This cause stress.

Labour to introduce £10 minimum wage, for all workers including the young.
Support to all workers across the globe.
Workers in Australia who are still on strike after 3 years after a 40% pay cut.

14 million in the UK in poverty, but Government not interested and glossing over their own failures. Paying for adverts in the press, but not indicating it’s DWP paying for it or publishing it.

We need to change culture in DWP, government and society. Stop the cutting of jobs and services.
We need to program the whole economy to redress the balance. Scunthorpe mentioned. Cost of complacency are severe.

Guillotine Section

Vote of Thanks