Message to staff at Bolton Office
The DWP Bolton & Bury Branch of PCS has over 600 members, based at Bolton Benefit Centre and 4 local JobCentres (and this figure is rising in the face of the staffing cuts, AA redundancies, the victimisation of members and reps by our particularly bad managers and the Government's attacks on DWP staff pay and conditions).

The Bolton Benefit Centre was the very first in the country to take claims for the controversial Universal Credit, which replaces the conventional DWP benefits and is currently the cause of much concern for the staff on the Bolton site and for the Tory Government.

Bolton DWP has a particularly bad reputation within DWP as 'a problem office' and to have an entirely different management style to the majority of the rest of DWP. Members (and Reps) on this site need protection from this bizarre and harsh management style and Trade Union membership is key in defending job security.

Issues such as 'Must Improve' performance markings being given to members who have not deserved them are regular tasks for our reps to deal with and we have a pretty good success rate in overturning them every year because management do not seem to be able to read or follow DWP procedures properly.

PCS is a democratic organisation, run by our members, for our members. We campaign for fair pay and conditions, decent pensions for all and equality in the workplace and beyond. If you're not a member of PCS, there's never been a better time to join the union.