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Saturday 6th February 2021 saw the first track released by The Don Powell Band. After the widely publicised split with Dave Hill, the powerhouse drummer from Slade, Don Powell is back, but this time with his own band and some brand new songs. Don finalised his choice of musicians before the Pandemic virtually closed the music world. Since that time they have been working on material together, using three different studios as well as home studios, with countless file transfers, emails and conference calls. A system that they admit was hard at first but has got easier and more productive. The first release is a song titled Back On The Road. Don Powell hopes the lyrics will help people realise how much he and the band are missing touring! The line up sees Slade II bassist Craig Fenney back with Don. They are joined by Bob Wilson from the Steve Gibbons Band & Jon Briscoe on guitars, plus vocalist Ian “Curly” Davies. This first track is exclusively available as a download from the bands web store and they interact closely with all of their followers via Facebook. Several more releases are already planned until they can safely get Back On The Road.
  The Don Powell Band - Back On The Road