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This website is dedicated with much love to the late Julie Edmundson.

This site celebrates the many achievements of SLADE (Hill - Holder - Lea - Powell). would like to thank the following people for their most valued and important help over the years, for the selfless dedication and provision of effort, time, knowledge, updates and for finding some truly unbelievable and rare archival material, for Slade fans all around the world to enjoy via this and a number of other truly excellent websites :

Chas Chandler (Salvo)
Scott Dasson
Hayden Donovan
Ian Edmundson
Lise Lyng Falkenberg
Ian Gilchrist
Dave Glover
Dave Graham

John Haxby
Dave Jewell
Dave Kemp
Frank Lea
Jim Lea
Mark Lion
Mickey Parker
Don Powell

Christopher Selby
Kev Read
Lea Ridinger
Roaring Silence
Stuart Rutter
Matt Shaughnessy
Malcolm Skellington
Trev Slaughter
Mark F Tully

We'd also like to thank Salvo, BMG and Wienerworld for providing some information regarding releases.
Thank YOU for visiting this site. See, you made it to the list.

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