SLADE - CUM ON FEEL THE HITZ is released on September 25th 2020


BMG 2LP set in Gatefold sleeve: 4 050538 608731 - AMAZON UK
BMG 2CD set in trifold sleeve: 4 050538 608700     - AMAZON UK

Slade were the biggest UK singles band that walked the Earth in the early 1970’s. They effortlessly created number ones and shot them at the top of the charts with the deadly accuracy of a team of expert marksmen. They did it again and again and they seemed to be utterly unstoppable. Performing their legendary live shows at a relentless and ear-shattering pace, they were voted the best live act and top band in so many polls, it is impossible to count them all. Their sales awards must fill their homes and take weeks to polish.

Despite their career being defined in some ways by the creation of a Christmas song that will probably live forever, they were an absolute hit machine, first charting with the raucous Get Down And Get With It and bowing out twenty years later with the equally rock-tastic Radio Wall Of Sound.

They released six number one singles in the UK and, due to a cruel twist of fate as to how the UK charts were compiled over Christmas 1983, were denied their rightful seventh number one which they should have achieved with the majestic My Oh My.

Unbelievably, Slade fans have not had the chance to purchase a brand new vinyl hits collection containing all those supercharged rock anthems since 1991. There have been a few ‘best of’ collections on CD and Salvo and BMG have carefully curated the entire Slade back catalogue and have put out remastered and expanded reissues of all of their original albums.

There’s a palpable feeling of excitement, putting a brand new vinyl Slade hits album onto the turntable after so long. The sight of those four familiar faces on the front of the sleeve tell you what you need to know: A rockin’ good time is guaranteed for all.

We’ll start off with Side One: Noddy Holder’s voice simply hits you RIGHT THERE, straight away, as Get Down And Get With It commences the business of the day. From there, we head through the early glitter-clad stomp and the huge sound of Coz I Luv You, Look Wot You Dun and Take Me Bak ‘Ome. The tremendous Mama Weer All Crazee Now and Gudbuy T’Jane round off side one and the impact of hearing those played at a suitable volume… well, you have to EXPERIENCE it.

Side Two doesn’t start off mellow, seeing as we are told - in no uncertain terms - to Cum On Feel The Noize. A song that doesn’t age, or bear pale imitations, this is the sound of SLADEMANIA at its finest. Skweeze Me Pleeze me still blugeons its way into your psyche the same way it always did, especially with the aid of volume. The cascading guitar introduction and Noddy Holder’s razor voice subdue the listener. The eccentric stomping singalong My Friend Stan follows. It too doesn’t age. Everyday remains possibly the most sublime and perfect love song that Slade ever released and here it is. The Bangin’ Man gets bluesy and Far Far Away (reportedly Noddy Holder’s favourite Slade song) takes you back to them sitting by the Mississippi in Memphis, where the song was created mid-tour. Don Powell’s hammering introduction on the drums has possibly never been bettered as a staggeringly brilliant piece of drum work.

Side Three starts with the epic How Does it feel, used in the opening scenes of their Flame film. It is again, an almost perfect recording – the sound of a group at the top of their game, whose capabilities and ambitions were ever-expanding. Thanks For The Memory is catchy, funky, loud and daft. You have to love it. In For A Penny – with Dave Hill’s utterly astonishing guitar solo - and Let’s Call It Quits recall the group’s attempts to crack America. If America didn’t get it at the time, their loss. The side continues with Slade’s invention of BOG ROCK, We’ll Bring The House Down, an exhortation to head-bang that was gleefully accepted by the kids at the time. It concludes with the solid, melodic rock of Lock Up Your Daughters and not a single beat is wasted on the whole third side of the album.

Side Four – the home straight – My Oh My leads us not into temptation, before Run Runaway has us all losing our cool, dancing around the room (ailments permitting, of course). Gather some breath during the sublime All Join Hands, an absolutely panoramic recording, and be amazed at the absolute wonder that is Myzsterious Mizster Jones. The Boyz hadn’t lost it. This is an absolute cracker. DJ Mike Read voices the intro to their final chart hit, Radio Wall Of Sound – one of their very best later recordings and a superb way to sign off such a massive career.

Of course, that’s not the end. Slade always had an encore. Tacked on at the end, just waiting to get you, is their Seasonal Epic, Merry Xmas Everybody, which I imagine the entire population of the world will have possibly heard at least once in their lifetime. Not one jingling bell insults your intelligence. Noddy tells it how it is and the song sums up the festive season better than anything else you will ever hear.

It’s an absolute joy to be able to put this on a turntable, to crank it up and to educate the neighbours. It’s good time rock and roll music that will never die. Ever.

As you may be able to tell, I love it.

Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP set
A: Get Down And Get With It / Coz I Luv You / Look Wot You Dun / Take Me Bak 'Ome / Mama Weer All Crazee Now / Gudbuy T'Jane.
B: Cum On Feel the Noize / Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me / My Friend Stan / Everyday / The Bangin' Man / Far Far Away
C: How Does It Feel / Thanks For The Memory / In For A Penny / Let's Call It Quits / We'll Bring The House Down / Lock Up Your Daughters
D: My Oh My / Run Runaway / All Join Hands / Myzsterious Mizster Jones / Radio Wall Of Sound / Merry Xmas Everybody


CD1: Cum On Feel The Noize / Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me / Mama Weer All Crazee Now / Coz I Luv You / Take Me Bak 'Ome / Gudbuy T'Jane / My Friend Stan / Far Far Away / My Oh My / Everyday / The Bangin' Man / Look Wot You Dun / Thanks For The Memory / Run Runaway / We'll Bring The House Down / In For A Penny / Let's Call It Quits / How Does It Feel / All Join Hands / Get Down And Get With It / Radio Wall Of Sound

CD2: Lock Up Your Daughters / My Baby Left Me: That's Alright /Gypsy Roadhog /(And Now the Waltz) C'est La Vie / Myzsterious Mizster Jones / Ruby Red / Do You Believe In Miracles / Wheels Ain't Coming Down / 7 Year Bitch / Still The Same / The Shape Of Things To Come / Know Who You Are / Nobody's Fool / Burning In The Heat Of Love / Give Us a Goal / Ginny Ginny / Sign Of The Times / Knuckle Sandwich Nancy / Ooh La La in L.A / That's What Friends Are For / We Won't Give In / Merry Xmas Everybody.

Noddy Holder Jim Lea Dave Hill
Don Powell