'GUDBUY T'JANE' : Sure is not their best song but, Merry Xmas aside, Gudbuy T'Jane remains their best single. It's a fantastic song, time proof, and its loose feeling it's unique. The instruments are quite well played, with guitars better than ever, Don Powell right foot/bass drum kicks ass!! Great production. Sometimes I believe ZZ TOP found here a lot of inspiration. If you use your headphones, loud as usual, it sounds like the band is playing in your living room…………….it's allright, allright, allright!!!!
[Lusitanian Express]

'MAMA WEER ALL CRAZEE NOW' : Even though 'cum on feel the noize' really got me into Slade, I still think 'Mama wer all crazee now' really summed Slade up a powerful intro, uplifting verses and a bollock-shattering chorus, absolutely brilliant especially live!  Excellent Slade website!!!
[Tony Garrett]

'Cum on feel the noize' .....although all it got me was the cane. I remember as a Slade fan at school sitting at the back of the class with old transistor radio listening to the charts whilst hiding from teacher, unfortunately my excitement got me somewhat carried away when I heard the BABBYYYY and realised they entered at number 1, I shouted "yes!!", got six of the best - which of course they later used as a label. Just to balance it out, always thought 'My friend Stan' was a mistake, still I bought everything they have done, and still hope for maybe that live DVD we all yearn for..... KOR
[Martin Moran]

'Cum on feel the noize' : I have memories of lying in bed late at night as a teenager with the small mono transistor in 1973 listening to this song on the radio. Not that you got a lot of Slade on Brisbane radio then or now. This song is still not only my favourite, but that of my children aged 11 and 8. Whenever I have the radio on in the car, they say "put on the Slade CD !". Keep on Rockin' !!! Regards, [Mark Lendich]

'Far Far Away' : A single that conjures up many images. It obviously makes you think of the film 'Flame' but also proved that Nod and Jim could put a story into a song without it becoming slush. Nods favourite and one of mine.

'My friend Stan' : Hi Ian, I'm fan from Slade since the beginning (late sixties). Until now (in 2004) the influence of Slade in my live is still very deap and great. At school my vriends gave met the nick-name "Stan" as I was a big fan of "My friend Stan". From 1979 until 1986 , I was a dj on a local radio and my name on the air was "DJ STAN" I played only hardrock en classick rock and Slade was almost weekly on the air.

In 1992 during my wedding in the church , they played on in the church "Everyday". In 1993 I had a dag namde "NODDY." And in 1994 I gave my first born son the name "Stan". This year my son wil be 18 years old and one of his favorite CD's is "The Best of Slade". So my favorite song will be "my friend Stan" and "Thanks for the memory"
[Rie Van den Brandt]

Thanks for the memory :  What better line than "Have a love smell on your sheet"?  

'Okey Cokey' : Definitely the worst and most needless singles release Slade have ever done. Thank God 'When I'm dancin' I ain't fightin' was on the Reading Live EP to save the day for our Superyobs!

'My Oh My' : ..... proved that Slade were far from a spent force, kept off the number one spot by the Flying Pickets, it reached number 2. A different approach from Slade and yet distinctive as well. This song came with a good video that sadly was never really shown that much. The intro to this song was different at live gigs and often took people by surprise. The beginning of what I would call Slade's sing-a-long songs.